For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


19. Chapter 19

"Baby! Don't listen to them." 

I cried even harder into the phone and dropped it on the ground with the rest of my body. I was lying there, collapsed on the floor, drowning myself in tears, when Justin walked into the room. He picked up my phone and spoke to Megan for a while. When he finished he hung up and turned around and lay down beside me on the floor. 

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" 


"Why are you letting it get to you?" 

"Because I'm human..." 

"So am I." 

"You've been through a lot more of this and for much longer than I have. He told me I wasn't allowed to ever see you again." 

"He's not my boss. He's one in 15 publicists." 

"Will he be able to ruin anything for you?" 

"He will not be allowed to." 

He stroke some hair away from my face and wiped away the tears. The way he looked at me, reminded me of the many times he had been taking care of me, when I had needed to cry my eyes out to someone. 

"I don't want you to go home. But if it's what you want it's what you get." 

"I don't know how much more I can handle..." 

"What if I invite the rest of our little crew over and we take the first night we have off, and do something together?" 

The thought of Megan here made me kinda happy, but was it enough to satisfy me? 

"Do it." 

Megan was the only one who had ever been able to keep me sane in the most insane situations. 

When we were back in high school she used to stop me. Once, a kid from my math class was talking really nasty about Justin and Megan literally had to pull me out of class and talk me into not kicking his ass, but she actually did manage to do it and without anyone being too weird about.  

I had never wanted people to know about Justin and I. Our friendship was our secret. At least until now it was, but then again. It wasn't really a friendship any longer. 

I stayed at the hotel for most of the day, to recover from everything that had happened. But around 3.30 my phone started ringing and I picked it up without even looking at the ID.



“Yeah, who’s speaking?”

“It’s Cody.”

“Oh hey, what’s up?”

“Can you come to the hospital?”


“Sarah isn’t feeling very well, and she’d like you to be here.”

“I’ll be right there.”

I ran out from the bed and into my dressing room to get dressed into something that wouldn’t look like me and covered myself up with a scarf.

“Where are you going?”

Justin came into my room and looked at me. He had just been in to change himself before he was heading to the venue to play.

“I need to go to the hospital. It’s Sarah.”

“What’s with her?”

“I don’t think whatever was in her drink, is willing to get out of her system without a fight.”

“I’ll make sure you get there.”

“What about your concert?”

“I’m sure they’ll understand why I’m a little late.”


I smiled up at him before getting the rest of my stuff and running out the door. We ran out to the car and drove all the way to the hospital. It was strange sitting there, going to visit someone you didn’t really know, but yet that person meant a great deal to me.

“She’s gonna be okay Hannah.”

“It’s still my fault.”

The car pulled up in front of the hospital and I was just about to run out the door when Justin stopped me and pulled me back. I looked at him worried but he just sent me a smile before he pecked my lips and squeezed my hand.

“Take care of yourself, and don’t let anyone bother you. Can you do that for me? The others will be here soon.”

“I know. Thanks.”

I pecked his lips just as he had done mine and ran out of the car and into the hospital to search for Sarah. I ran down the halls until I bumped into Cody who was running around as well.

“Hannah! You made it!”

“Right now would be a good time not to shout my name.”


“How’s she doing?”

“She’s horrible, but the doctors say she’ll make it.”

“Of course she’ll make it. What about her parents?”

“They’ve been here, but they left again for work. They didn’t really believe her last night so they are really shocked that she wasn’t lying about hanging out with us.”

“I understand. My parents didn’t believe me in the beginning either, then they saw it happen right in front of them, and it was like everything changed.”

“I guess you’re right, but what do I know, being one of the famous people myself.”

“Your friends must have said something as well when it all started for you, or just some of the people who knew you back then.”

“Truth is, I haven’t changed much and not many celebrities do Hannah. The thing is, people expect you to change, they expect you to become such a big part of your job that you turn into something ugly and something you’re not, but reality is that it is the people around us who change. You’ve changed, Justin told me that. You were scared to let your friends near him, because you were scared of what they’d think both of you and of him. You started treating him more and more like a star and less and less like your friend, but somehow that stopped one day. It was out of nowhere. That’s how he explains it.”

I stood there thinking about the words for a while. I let them hit my face and I was kinda amazed by how right he was and how I wasn’t thinking it this way around.

“I guess you know what you’re talking about.”

I smiled up at him, before I stretched my arms out and hugged him tight for a short moment. I guess I needed this because it was enough to make me feel a snitch of happiness for a few seconds which was enough to get my ready to see my friend. 

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