For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


13. Chapter 13

Justin lay his phone in the couch and got up to greet all of his fans, some of they were screaming on the inside and it was easy to tell that they all loved him very much. They spoke with him for about 5 minutes each and Sarah and I just stood in the back and waited patient for him to finish up with all of his hardcore beliebers.

“Have you ever been this close to him before?”

“No never.”

“Is it hard?”

“Harder than you can imagine. He’s such a sweetheart.”

“He really is.”

“How was it the first time you met him?”

“I was in Toronto, visiting some family, and had tickets for his concert. I was keeping a low profile and stayed in the back for the entire concert. It was beautiful and I was crying through the entire concert, because suddenly one of the people I had been speaking with the most for almost 3 years were standing right in front of me. It was a very special moment, and when the meet and greet came, I just stood up in line, even though I wasn’t supposed to meet him. When I was the only one who stood back they packed the stuff and were about to get him out of the venue, but I called him over and I guess he recognized me and my voice because soon I was hugging him for the first time.”

Tears filled my eyes by the memory, I was so in love with him back then, so in love that even though I was nothing more than 15 I still wanted to kiss him.

“Hannah are you okay?”

Sarah spoke a bit too loud, because soon all the attention was on me, and Justin who moved over to me and held his arms around me. This was the thing that let the tears run down my cheeks.

“What’s wrong Hannah?”

“We’ll talk about it later.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s okay Justin. It’s happy tears.”

He wiped the tears away and kissed my forehead before he turned back to his beliebers.

“Okay girls, it’s time for pictures and then I’ll have to move on.”


Katie the girl I had first met questioned him before the pictures were taken.


“Are you and Hannah dating?”

Justin looked up at me and then back to Katie. I had a nervous look written on my face, but I knew he had kept a promise to them. He’d never lie to them.

“Yes we are, but you can’t tell anyone, because Hannah doesn’t like the paparazzi, and neither do I, so we would like them to stay away from us for now. Is that ok?”

“Of course.”


He took pictures with all of the girls where he was either hugging them or kissing their cheeks. He really enjoyed this, and when it was all over some security guy came in and was about to take all of them out Sarah included, but I stopped him from taking her away from me, and he told me that she would be my responsibility.

“What did you do that for?”

“I want you to meet him differently.”

I smiled at her and went back into the lounge with her. Justin was surprised to see that I was still with someone, but he didn’t question to greet her.

“And who is this?”

“This is Sarah. She was at the show where we first met. Toronto, November 6th 2009.”

“And you travelled from all the way over here back then?”


“Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you so much Sarah.”

“Justin can I ask you something?”

“Of course sweetie.”

“Why did you tell Katie about you and Hannah? You don’t know her, and she’s gonna tell everyone what you said, and it’s gonna be viral by the end of the night.”

“Because I was hoping that she would actually listen.”

“They never do.”

“You listen don’t you?”

“Would I be here if I didn’t? Would I have travelled to Canada from Ireland if I didn’t?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“I don’t wanna be seen differently, but yeah I’d listen. I wouldn’t have told.”

“Good girl.”

She smiled up at him and then looked at him with begging eyes.


He looked down at her, I remembered that look. He thought she was cute. Suddenly I saw her as a threat, I guess I was very overprotective of Justin now that he was finally mine.

“Can I hug you?”

“Of course you can sweetie.”

Justin wrapped his arms around her and held her tight in the exact same way that he did to me, when he was showing me love. He even placed a kiss over her cheek. I took a deep breath and snapped their pictures before I took Sarah with me outside.

“What’s wrong Hannah?”

“Would you like to come party with us after the concert, and then see the concert with your friends? Cody Simpson and his mates will be there as well.”

“OMG you’d do that?”

“Of course I would, but you have to act cool.”

“OMG of course!”

“Give me your number and I’ll come find you after the concert.”


I handed her my phone and let her type in her number. When she had finished I followed her all the way outside to her friends and said good bye to them all, before I walked back in to Justin.

“What was that all about Hannah?”

“What was what about?”

“You suddenly being busy with getting her out, when you were the one who kept her inside?”

“You thought she was cute! You hugged her and kissed her Justin! Right in front of my eyes!”

“She’s a fan Hannah.”

“No she’s my new friend. You wouldn’t even hug Megan like that, and you’ve known her for 3 years now.”

“Hannah she’s a fan, I was trying to be nice.”

“Yeah maybe less nicer will make it better next time.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“Well whatever you want to do with her, I’m taking her to the afterparty tonight.”

“You’re what?”

“I invited her.”

“How can you?”

“She’s 17.5 Justin, and as long as she’s with us she will be alright.”

“That’s not the point.”

“I don’t care what your point is right now. You hugged her the same way you hug me and you kissed her cheek the same way you kiss mine. How’d you feel if I walked up to Cody the first time I meet him and hug him really tight, so he can feel my entire body against his and I then placed a kiss over his cheek?”

Justin was about to say something, but Cody walked into the room, and looked rather confused. He had heard everything that had been said, and he knew right now wasn’t the right time, but I guess he didn’t care because he still greeted Justin before he turned to me.

“And you must be Hannah?”

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

I stepped up and hugged him, but not like I had threatened Justin I’d do it.

“Justin, your mum told me to tell you to hurry up a bit. We have a meeting soon.”

“Tell them we’ll be there in 10.”


“Thanks mate.”

Cody left the room again and Justin faced me.

“Hannah you’re the only girl I like and want. You understand that?”


“No buts. Yes Sarah is a good looking girl, but it is nothing compared to you princess. You’re flawless and I love you with all of my heart, and no one will ever take that away from me. I finally have you here with me, so don’t turn it into something bad already. Please?”

“Fine, but don’t you ever dare doing something that hurtful in front of me ever again.”

“I promise I won’t.”


He wrapped his arms around me and placed his lips over mine. We were locked there for minutes close to each other and melted into one person, until Alfredo cleared his throat behind us and told us to go to the meeting. 

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