For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


10. Chapter 10

I woke up the next morning feeling really horrible. My hair was a mess and my body was naked and only covered from the think duvet in the hotel room. I had no memory of last night’s events, and I was really confused to where I was and what had been going on in here. The entire bedroom was a mess. Though I didn’t get to check it much out before I felt like I was about to be sick right there on the bed. I ran out into the bathroom not thinking about covering myself up or doing anything to my hair.

I lay there kneeled down in front of the toilet as the tears started pressing in my eyes and I felt the alcohol escape my body. Soon someone was behind me, holding my hair and running circles over my back. It’s was kind of comforting, but I was still really surprised.

When I finished I turned around and leaned my body against the sink, before drying my mouth in my arm and rubbing my eyes.

“You okay now baby?” ¨

Justin was standing there looking at me, he was wearing his boxers, but it was easy to tell that he had just put them on really fast, which meant I had been sleeping in the same bed as him… naked.


My head was banging and hurting badly and my entire body was sore and felt different.

“I’ll get you some water.”

He placed a soft kiss over my forehead while stroking my hair, before he went off. He was soon back with a glass of water and placed himself down in front of me again.

“Here you go.”


I drank the water, but ended up spitting half of it out again, because of the horrible taste in my mouth. Justin was still sitting in front of me making sure I was alright.

“Come let’s get you cleaned up and then go back to bed.”

He reached out for my hand and helped me to my feet, before turning the water in the shower on. While it was getting warm he had wrapped his arms around me so I wouldn’t get cold. He ran his hands over my back and held me close into his chest.

“I don’t think we should let you drink that much next time.”

“I don’t think I should be drinking at all.”

I heard the giggle leave his lips but I didn’t comment on it at all.


He let go of me and stripped his boxers off before pulling me with him into the shower. The warm water felt comforting and it kinda made me feel better, but also made me even sleepier. I rested my head on Justin’s chest for a while, while we were standing there under the water.

We didn’t take long in the shower. It was really just about getting clean and then back into bed to get some more sleep. I wasn’t ready to get up yet, I wasn’t even sure what time it was.

When I stepped out of the shower Justin curled me up in a towel before he found one for himself. When we finished in the bathroom I felt much better, but I was still exhausted and my head still hurt.

“Come let’s get some sleep.”

He took my towel and threw it with the rest of the before we went back into the bedroom. I saw my phone on the bedside table and realized it was only 5.30 in the morning. This made me even more tired and I hurried to cover myself up under the sheets and cuddled up to Justin, still wearing nothing at all.

The next thing I wake up to is the sound of the door to our room being pushed open and Justin’s publicity manager walking into the bedroom throwing different papers and magazines at us. I immediately cover myself up with the sheets, trying not to tell that I’m naked, but I guess he had already seen that.

“Dude WTF?!”

I sat up with a shock and saw how Justin did the same thing.

“Maybe this isn’t the best start for you mister.”

“Could you at least fucking knock before you go into my bedroom?”

“Justin listen, the girl is the problem, if this is how you want it to end out everywhere in UK and Ireland, that’s your problem, but I do not want to defend you if you and your friend or whatever she is can’t control yourself.”

“Then fucking leave.”

I spoke up for the first time and Justin looked at me a bit shocked.

“Do you seriously think I wanted to go on this tour in the first place? I wanted to be home in LA and have some fun with my flat mate, when Justin begged me to come on this tour, and then some fucking jerk took his fucking camera and almost stuffed my face with it. Does that look like something I want to live with? Now let me get some sleep.”

I rolled my eyes and lay back down in the bed covering my entire body. I didn’t hear anything else than the door being closed and the magazines and papers falling to the floor.




“Leave me alone.”

I felt his lips against my neck and couldn’t help but smile, but really I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I wanted to sleep a bit more.

“Turn around babe.”

“No, I wanna get some rest.”

“Come here.”

He moved all up close to me and up under my sheet that covered my nakedness. I felt the warm and I made me feel safe. I loved this skin against skin feeling he could get me to feel. I’d never felt anything like it before.

His arms were soon wrapped around my body from behind and I felt how he pulled me closer all the way till I could feel his sex against my back. I took a deep breath to control myself, but I kind of already wanted him, and he could feel it on my entire body, just how much it was.


He whispered in my ear, I could tell by his voice, the raspy shakiness that he wanted me as well.


I turned around fast and looked at him.

“Did we? Last night when we got back?”

“You don’t remember?”

“I don’t remember anything besides the fight with the paparazzi.”

“How much did you drink?”

“Way too much.”

“I guess so, but yeah we did.”

“Damn it…”

“What is it Hannah?”

“I… I just wanted to remember the first time we had together.”

“There will be lots of more time sweetie.”

I was sitting up in the bed and Justin was sitting right beside me. Even though we had started dating he was still a really supportive friend, and I guess that was what I had always fancied about him. No matter what it was he was always there for you and he had always been. That was one of the things that stuck with him when he left Canada, and that is one of the things I’ll make damn sure never leaves him. 

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