For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


1. Chapter 1

I first found out about Justin back in 2007. He was such a sweet kid back then, and I remember how much we used to speak. First it was through YouTube, but soon we ended up speaking on the phone. He was like my best friend even though we lived far apart from each other. We kept in touch, even when Justin moved to the states. That’s when our friendship became real. I didn’t meet Justin until 2009 where he was on tour and I was visiting some family, for the first time, in Toronto. I remember it clearly. It was November 6th 2009. Justin was still a little sick, but he wanted to do the shows and he did it great. I enjoyed every second of the show, and he sent me little text when he was out on break between the songs. The show was sold out and there were about 2000 people there. It was actually really crazy that it was as crazy as this already. When the show finished I got in line for the meet and greet, just like 20 lucky girls who got the chance to meet Justin I was one of them as well. Justin didn't know I was at the show so this was my time to surprise him. When I was the last in line I saw Justin get his stuff and was about to leave, honestly I didn't have a ticket to the meet and greet but Justin was my best friend so why wouldn't he say hi to me. 

"Justin, wait!" 

He looked up I guess he recognized my voice because he did turn around and look at me with a strange face. 



"Oh my god I can't believe you're really here." 

He pulled me in for a hug and everyone around us looked at us with weird expressions written all over their faces. 

“I told you I was in Canada.”

“But I never expected it to be here, in Toronto!”


We spoke for a long time that day, and that was actually the day I got to meet the entire crew. I was introduced to a lot of people, and it was probably the best time of my life, at least it was that far. Soon I was back home in Los Angeles, where I had been living my entire life. The year I turned 16 I moved away from home to live in West Hollywood with my best friend who was 18. I had always been friends with people older than myself, but Megan was something special. We lived life and kept in contact with Justin. Megan had a huge crush on Ryan, and she had had ever since she first met them in 2010. It was shortly before Megan and I moved in together in the other end of Los Angeles. We wanted to be away from our parents and now we really did have the chance.

It was early January and Justin was just about to finish the first leg of his Believe tour. It was all so weird now that we had both grown up and soon turned 19, but he was still my best friend and I still loved spending time with him.

“So did you speak with him?”


I was sitting on the balcony from my apartment and looking out over town.

“Did you speak with Justin?”

“Oh yeah…”

“And what did he say?”

“They are coming tomorrow Megan. Now calm yourself.”

“And what about Ryan?”

“He’s coming as well. He’s staying with Justin for the week, but they are gonna be back from the tour tonight and then they’re gonna crash his place. They’ll be here in the morning when they get up. He said he was gonna call.”

“You seem different. What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s just all weird now. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“He hasn’t changed Hannah. You must know that.”

“Trust me I do, but…”


“I feel sorry for him with everything that’s going on now, and maybe right now just isn’t the right time to tell him.”

“You’ve had a crush on that kid for the past 6 years and you still haven’t told him.”

“No, and I don’t intent to either. What about you and Ryan? Is there ever gonna be anything there, or are you just gonna be slagging him off when he ditches you again?”

“Ryan and I have actually been speaking a lot lately.”

“Oh yeah? So what’s going on?”

I turned around and faced her, as I pulled my blanket closer into my body.

“Nothing much, he seems sweeter, and he seems to be caring for me, just like he’s always done.”

“Oh yeah, so having sex with that girl when he knows how you feel about him is caring about you?”

“I don’t wanna talk about that.”

“Then stop bringing Justin up the way you just did. I miss him! I’ve known him for 6 years Megan! I wanna go back to the night I first met him and Ryan.”

“I know you do, but we can’t change what he’s working with, and I don’t think he wants us to either. Let’s just enjoy the time we do have with them.”

“Yeah, that’s easy for you to say.”

I turned away and kept looking out over the city as Megan went back inside and finally left me alone. Somehow I couldn’t help but think that she was right. Maybe I should just be happy that I got the chance. Justin didn’t have many friends, and it was only very few people that he actually saw all the time and would speak with just to have some time with other people than the ones from his crew. Don’t get me wrong he did love his crew, but it wasn’t the same as hanging out with his old friends from home, and he even lost some of them as well.

When it was around 10pm I went back inside as it started getting cold. Megan was lying on our bed and watching some TV.

“I’m sorry about before Megan. It wasn’t meant like that. I know you’ve had a hard time as well.”

“It’s okay. Let’s not think about it.”

I smiled down to her and made my way into the bed.

“What are we watching?”

“Some crappy TV show, but we better get to bed as well. They’ll probably be here early tomorrow.”

“Yeah you’re right.”

We passed out on the bed while watching the TV. Today had been a confusing day for me, and I hadn’t even done anything crazy. I just hoped tomorrow was gonna be better. 

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