''Promises of love''

The story is about the great experience that a girl has in her 18 birthday party, but then something happens... Something that will tottaly change her life, either to go or to bad. If you want to learn what is that so special experience and how her life develps after that read my story and you will find out. :)


1. ''That special night''

Last thing I remember we were running up the stairs. We locked the door and laid on the bed. I don't really remember much about that night. I only remember clearly the moment when he was holding me beneath his arms and told me: << I will always love you. I promise>> I remember in detail what followed after even if we were both a bit drunk. I felt his warm breathing and I could smell the attractive smell of his new perfume. He stroked me softly and tried to take my dress off. Obviously, I did not resisted. I just relaxed and let the magic begin. So, we both got our clothes off. It was the first time in my whole life that I felt this way. I have never imagined that I would ever feel like this in my life.A strange, unique feeling dominated me. His arms around my naked body wrapping me like a snake which was trying to catch its pray. The bed was bouncing and the bed cracked. He was licking me whole body.Then some feelings were somehow a bit creepy but at the same time very enjoyable. Finally, when we were exhausted he hold me tight onto his hug and gave me a sweet kiss. At 3:00 o' clock A.M we were finally sleeping next to each other, listening to the restful sound of the waves while hitting on the rocks. The next morning I woke up with a huge smile in my face and turned to find him. He was not in the bed so I thought he was eating breakfast. I called him but he was not in the house. I was calling him on his cell phone without any responding. I started feeling anxious and worried. Where was he? The phone rang.....

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