''Promises of love''

The story is about the great experience that a girl has in her 18 birthday party, but then something happens... Something that will tottaly change her life, either to go or to bad. If you want to learn what is that so special experience and how her life develps after that read my story and you will find out. :)


2. ''Fake Promises''

A raucous, loud voice came from the phone:

-Hello? ( I repeated)

- Hey sweetheart it's me. Daddy. I and your mum will be home soon. How was your party? Did you had fun?

- Oh, Hey dad. Yeah, we had a great time... :/

-I'll have to leave you honey. Be careful and study. Okay?

-Alright. See you soon!

I closed the phone and took a deep breath. I was totally desperate and terrified. I was convinced that he got into trouble or something terrible happened to him. But as the days passed the whole story was getting more clear. He just left and let me there, wondering what happened, waiting for him to come back, hold me again tight into his arms and whisper me those sweet words: I love you and I'll never leave you again. All those fake promises that I believed! But that never happened. He never came back. A week had passed without his response. Now, it was without any doubt sure... He had betrayed me like a silly baby. Everyone understood that something bad was going on with me. I was not longer that happy, smiley girl that I used to be. But I said nothing. I just shut my mouth and pretended that I was just tired. My family became aware to the fact that someone had hurted me but of course I refused to their suspicions.

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