I'm Innocent

On one cold dark night in Dublin, a crime is comitted and a life lost. But what would happen to that cold-blooded killer...
Was she innocent?


2. Lawsuit


"Excuse me nurse, but I am looking for Chloe Rich. I asked the receptionist and she said to go to the starfish ward. Starfish ward?! It's like a frickin' madhouse maze in here. What kind of name is that for a hospital bed, hmm?"

Great. I recognise that voice wafting down the corridoor.

"In here Mum" I croak, summoning her attention. "Chloe darling, how are you!" she coos, holding my face in her cupped hands. Her breath smells of stale alcohol - not a good sign.

"I'm a bit sore all over, but my wound has been emptied of bullets safely" I whisper. My voice strains to meet her expectations and I can feel myself slipping into slumber...

"Wake up!" Mum shrieks while shaking my arm violently.

"What is so urgent that you can't wait two tiny hours to tell me!" I ask, shaking my head in disbelief.


"You might be going to prison."


My head snaps to attention, and I feel my mouth forming a restrained 'O' shape. "What the hell?" I hiss, aware that the young girl in the bed next to me is starting to shake at the thought of sleeping aside a potential convict.

"Perry - that man you shot, is dead Chloe. Why can't you understand how disasterous that is? His family are filing for a lawsuit. And it doesn't look good for you honey." she mutters, but I don't hear a thing. My thoughts are swirling, chanting in my mind. Killer. Convict. Criminal. Murderer. These are the words used to describe me now.

"B-but I d-don't understand. It was s-s-self defence!" I stutter, unable to focus on one sentence.

"Nobody can prove that." she says, taking a lose grip of my sweaty palm. "You're by yourself now."...

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