Someone in the house.

Sorry its a bit short, thought i would finish something for once!


1. 1

Nobody believed me , but there were so many signs to show i was right. 





12:am Friday night.



I got into bed and lay in the dark, silence was all around me. I took a deep breath and breathed out, i could see my breath in the air just like on a cold winter day. My mum came in, "Lola me and your dad are going out, you will be ok for a few hours won't you?" I nodded, she closed the door i heard my parents foot step going down the staircase. The door opend and slammed. Silence. As soon as they were gone i threw the bed sheets over my head, terrified by my own breath. It was so cold. To cold. At the end of the corridor i heard a faint noise like a bell, a tune. "HELLO?" i shouted. A cold laugh came from the end of the corridor. There was a knock on my wardrobe door. "Don't look at me, don't look at me" mumbled the voice. Something cold squeezed my hand very very hard. "Find me!"" screeched the voice . I was getting out of my bed, i didn't know why, something was pulling me. I ran down the stairs a black shadow swiped across the hall i ran in circles. "It's this way!" shreaked the voice. Suddenly i stopped in my tracks It brought me to the dining room. To the mirror i had thrown my toy train at in a strop as a little girl. Something was taking me towards my mirror i walked and walked  towards it peering into the whole.

A black eye.



My parents came back a few hours later, but i was gone.

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