The unthinkable

When Samantha goes on a trip to France for a present from her boyfriend she runs into an unexpected group of boys that all have feelings for her. Than, the unthinkable happens...


1. Off to Paris !WARNING! Will leave you wanting to read more!

"Samantha guess what!" chad said. "yes chad?"I said with a sigh. Right now my life wasn't the best. My dog ha recently passed and my mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer and she only had about a year, maybe a year and a half to live, and worst of all, valentines day was next week and I wasn't able to spend it with my mother who was at this moment laying where she was most likely going to die. "I have a surprise for you! Cheer ya up maybe..." chad said cheerfully. He was always happy. Right now I was kind of happy because he knew how to bring up my mood. "ok give it your best shot." I said glumly. Then he handed me an envelope which I slowly opened up not knowing the contents of the white folded paper. I started getting curious so when I finally got it open I was dumbfounded! It was one ticket to a french get away! I didn't know what to to say! "thank you honey!" I said excitedly to chad. And before I knew it I was in France in the fanciest hotel I had ever laid eyes on! That chilly valentines day eve was the beholder of the dinner that changed my life. There was a band performing for the lovers of the night. Singing a song called "Little Things". Me ring alone one of them kept looking at me flirtatiously. After I unused my spaghetti dinner I started walking out of the eatery when I felt a soft but firm hand land on my shoulder. I spun around to see a very charming man Standing to close for comfort. "hi," he said. "I'm Louis" then he started leaning in and before I knew it his lips were on mine, soft and sweet. Then I snapped back to reality. "what the heck?" I'm taken! Why did he kiss me!? He is going to ruin everything! I didn't know what to do. Then I think I must have slapped him but I ran off crying.
When I got back to the hotel I realized he had my purse still. Oh great.
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