My Valentine stranger (one-shot)

´The boy looked nothing less than heartbroken. With tear-streaked cheeks, swollen eyes and a red rose dangling loosely from his hands, it wasn't hardtop guess what had happened to the poor lad. On a whim, I went over and sat beside him on the park bench.

Lara was expecting to spend valentines day alone as always, since all her friends had better things to do. So when she spots the heartbroken Louis on a park bench, she cant help herself from going over there, and entering the life of the international boy-band sensation member. Having nothing better to do, the two decide to spend all lovers day with a complete stranger, that just might be the only solution to their problems.


1. My Valentine stranger



     He looked nothing less than heartbroken. With tear-streaked cheeks, swollen eyes and a red rose dangling loosely from his hands, it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened to the poor lad. Every year, I saw endless amounts of people like him on this day. And every year I spent this day just like them, alone. But even though I would always just ignore these people, I felt compelled to go over and talk to this specific guy. Of course I knew who he was. After spending years talking them, it wasn't hard for me to recognize one of the members of One Direction. On a normal day, I would already be over there getting tons of pictures and autographs from him, and generally just fan-girling big time. But today I had absolutely no urge to do so. And in fact, him being who he was what made me want to go over there the least. But after just standing there watching him for a couple of minutes, with him just staring into space, I shrugged the indecision of me, and on a whim, I went over there.


     Without a word, I sat down beside him. I didn't say anything, and for quite some time we just sat beside each other, staring at all the happy people passing by. I know he knew I was there, and that I hadn't sat there by accident since there were multiple empty benches on both sides of the path. We never looked at one another, but just took in the others presence, engulfed in a comfortable silence. For the first time that day, I found myself relaxing, just watching the bypassing people and listening to their conversations. The sun had visibly moved across the sky, when I noticed that Louis was shivering and I realised that he was only wearing a thin jacket that was in no way fit for England's late winter weather. I just looked at him for a bit, and after what seemed like a long time, he finally looked at me. We stared at each other for a bit, which wasn't actually uncomfortable, I gave him a knowing look and he then sighed and nodded. I gave him small smile, where after I got up, and silently beckoned him to follow. Groaning slightly he got up and stretched his soar limbs. After a brief eye-contact, we began walking, him just following me. After we had walked for a couple of minutes, Louis suddenly spoke, "I'm Louis, by the way." He said, looking expectantly at me. I returned his gesture, and replied with a small smile, "Lara, and I already knew that." He chuckled slightly at this, and the rest of the way we just walked in a comfortable silence.


     We reached the café by the river after a fifteen minute walk, and I could see that Louis visibly relaxed as we stepped inside the warm room. I guided him to my usual, and favourite booth in the corner of the room, were one had an excellent view of the river Thames. A waiter came over and handed us each a menu card, and then left to deciding on what to order. When the young guy came back I had settled on a mocha and a blueberry muffin, while Louis asked for a cup of tea and a piece of apple-crumble. We waited for a couple of minutes before the guy came back with our orders, and we both quickly dug. We spent some time in silence, just sipping on our drinks and nipping at our cakes while staring at the river below us. I was the one to break the silence this time.

“So, what happened?” I asked, getting straight to the point. Louis looked up at me, before whipping his mouth, and then staring a bit at the river while I waited patiently. Finally he spoke. “My girlfriend, this morning I went to visit her, since we hadn’t seen each other in ages with me and the band just coming back home from the world tour.” He paused for a moment collecting his thoughts, all the while I just kept my eyes on him, keeping silent. “Well, I went to her house with a bouquet of roses, and a necklace I had bought her. I was all excited to see her, because I had missed her so much during these past couple of months. But when she opened the door, she could barely look me in the eyes, and broke into tears, telling me that she was so sorry, and she did care so much for me, but she had met someone, and she had to break up me.” I could see that his eyes were tearing up, and he had to hide his face in his hands.


          I truly felt sorry for the guy. I could tell that he had really cared for his now ex-girlfriend, and that he had not been ready for a break-up. His shoulders began shaking slightly, and on a whim I placed a soothing hand on his half-hidden cheeks and started making ‘shh-sounds’.  I started rubbing in circles with my thumb, and soon I felt him leaning into my touch. I didn’t say anything, just keeping my hand on his cheek, as I let him cry it all out. After what seemed like a long time, Louis calmed down and gingerly dried his eyes while sniffing a bit. I removed my now drenched hand and he smiled gratefully at me, and I responded with a soft smile. We continued our now slightly cold drink, not really aware of what to say. After a couple of minutes Louis trained his eyes on me, and finally asked the question I had been waiting for. “So, what about you? How come a pretty girl like you is spending valentine’s day alone?” He asked with a cheeky smile, which made me chuckle and he joined in. “Well, for one thing I don’t have a boyfriend, and my friends all have better things to do, and I’m not sad enough to go to one of those ‘anti-valentine’ parties.” I replied with a small laugh which he joined me on. “And I think it’s a kind of stupid holiday, since it’s just here so people can buy and eat a lot of chocolate, and enjoy looking at flowers. I think that most of the time ones valentine is just their girl- or boyfriend, or who other people expect it to be. This day is supposed to be about expressing love, not hiding it because you’re insecure.” Louis was watching me intently now, an obviously very interested in what I was saying, and so I continued. “And then there are all the heartbreaks. Every year on this day I see millions of people who poured their hearts out to the person they love, and just get rejected. People whose boy- or girlfriend pick someone else, and their just left alone.” I finished and from the window I watched as a young couple were fighting on the sidewalk, and after a bit the guy just stormed off, leaving the girl to just break down on the middle of the walk path.

 Louis was still watching me in silence, and after a couple of moments he quietly asked, “But why do you really hate it?” I didn’t look at him, but I know he could tell how my expression changed. I still didn’t look at him, but continued to watch the crying girl. Louis waited in silence as I mustered up the courage to tell him. I sighed and finally spoke. “When I was still in school, we were doing this thing for Valentine ’s Day where everyone had to make and send a card to their special someone at school. Everyone was giving out chocolate to their crushes and friends, and even I had prepare a letter to the guy I was kind of into.” I paused for a slight moment, as a watched the girl on the sidewalk pick herself up, and slump down the street in the opposite direction of the boy. “Well, Valentine’s day was on a Wednesday that  year, and on the day everyone was giving out their cards and confessing their undying love to someone. I hadn’t gotten around to giving my card yet, so I was just chatting away with my friends, when one of the girls from my class, that had been bullied a lot but I had been nice to, came up to me and handed me a card. At first I was kind of surprised, but I just told myself that it was just a friendly one, so I opened it. It wasn’t. The card was a clear on confession, and I had no idea what to do. I was and still aren’t lesbian or bisexual, so when this girl confessed her feelings for me, I just couldn’t return them. I was in shock, so one of the guys snatched the card out of my hands, and read it out for the entire class. They were all laughing and started calling us gay and all sorts of other things. And I don’t know what really happened, but I just snapped, and in front of everyone I just screamed out that I was not a faggot.” I could feel my throat burning and my eyes went misty. “She didn’t come to school the next day, or the day after, or the one after that. And soon we all found out that she had gone into the woods, and had slit her own wrist. I couldn’t even go to the funeral.” I stammered out the last bit, and felt the tears fall. Louis just looked at me in pure horror. He got up from his chair, and I thought he was going to leave, when I felt a pair of strong arms wrapping securely around me. At first I was so shocked that my body just kind of froze, but soon I melted into Louis’ embrace. I wasn’t really crying, but I guess he just knew that all I wanted at that moment was a hug. We stayed like that for a while, before I broke the embrace and gave Louis a grateful smile which he returned. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” I said and started getting my coat back on.


       We strolled around town for some hours, just window talking, and talking, not really that much about ourselves, but more about what we thought about different things, like how I couldn’t stand high heels, and when I joked a bit when we saw a guy dressed up like a carrot and Louis groaned and told me how dumb he was for saying that. All in all it was really fun, and it didn’t feel like we had just met each other at any point, and sometimes it was like we actually knew one another. I found out that Louis had a great fashion taste, and he even picked out a pair of earrings and a top for me. At one point we walked by some guy who accidently sprayed some of his drink in Louis face, and he got some in his contact-lenses so he had to remove them, luckily enough he had brought  his glasses, and I have to admit that when he put them on, I could feel myself blushing.

        Around four o’clock we took a rest and just stood on one of the bridges crossing the river, while watched people and boats and cars passing by. Like a few other times some fans came by and asked for an autograph from Louis. He of course obliged, and soon we were watching three girls scurrying away with wide grins on their faces. Smiling, I followed them with my eyes. I found it quite sweet, and it made me happy to see them this exited. Suddenly I felt an arm wrap itself around my shoulder, my head shot towards Louis in shock, and I could feel the blush spreading on my cheeks. He just laughed and pointed at a couple of girls standing a few feet away with shy smiles on their faces and their cameras pointed in our direction. I could feel my face turn completely red while Louis just laughed, and brought me closer, and then smiled in the direction of the girls, silently telling me to do the same. Still blushing like mad, I offered the girls a small smile, and when they were done they squealed in excitement and then left. We looked after them for bit, not moving from our position, I and I didn’t want to. The air was cold, and Louis’ arms were so warm. I gingerly peeked up at Louis, only to find him looking down at me, with a small smile, and a slight blush creeping up on his cheeks. We looked at each other for a while, but then I noticed that Louis seemed kind of cold once again, and even though I really didn’t want to, I knew I had to take him somewhere warm before he caught a cold. I removed myself from his grasp as gently as I possibly could, and offered him a smile when he gave a confused and kind of hurt look. “Come on, it’s getting cold.”


         We walked around for a bit longer, while I tried to figure out where to go, when I suddenly got a brilliant idea, and hurriedly brought him to cinema. There was nothing but silly love movies playing, so we decided that we would watch the only one with a bit of drama, cause as it turned out, we were both very dramatic in our own way. The movie was kind of predictable, but it was American, so what can you expect? Even so, I enjoyed it, and I could tell that Louis did to. Somewhere along the movie, our hands found each other, and we didn’t let go until the credits started rolling.


          When we got out it was dark, and all the streets lights were on, giving all the streets a romantic, that was only increased by all the happy couples roaming it. We started walking aimlessly for gods knows how many times that day, and once again, our hands connected, our fingers wrapping around the others, sharing our warmth, and making the cold night-air bearable.  By chance, we made our way down towards the river side, where we just strolled around. Louis suddenly stopped, and just as I was about to ask him what was wrong, he let go of my hand, and ran towards a little stand with flowers and all those heart pillows, that just emerge around Valentine’s Day. I stood awkwardly around, waiting for Louis to come back, already missing his warmth. A few minutes later he came back, wearing a wide grin, and holding something behind his back. I gave him a questioning look, but he just shrugged it off, and brought his hand out so that I could see that he was holding a small red rose. I felt my cheeks heating up, as he brought his hands up and placed the rose in my short, black hair. I gingerly touched it and looked up at him smiling down at me. I was about to say something, when he suddenly reached for my hand and started pulling along. “Come on!” He said, and I had no choice but to do exactly that.


       After a few minutes of Louis dragging down the river side, he finally came to a stop at the queue to the London Eye. He gave me a cheeky smile, and I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at how ridiculously childish he sometimes acted. As always the queue was gone in no time at all, and soon we were piling into carrier. There many people there, only about ten, so Louis and I easily got a window ‘seat’. We acted like small children, pointing at all the different sites around London, and at people and how small they looked from up there. But we were abruptly interrupted by a loud boom and a magnificent flash of multiple colours. “Fireworks!” Louis squealed and everyone else in the carrier started to murmur excitedly. We marvelled at all the different shapes and colours they were able to make. I don’t think I had ever laughed so much in one day as I did with Louis, and at that moment, I didn’t ever wanted to go back down to the ground and face reality. I just wanted to stay up here in a frozen moment for all eternity, laughing my heart out, with Louis. A big, pink heart shaped firework exploded on the sky, and I smiled up at Louis, who I soon found was also looking at me. I watched as the shade of pink caressed his tanned face, and suddenly I found myself leaning in towards his face. Louis soon followed suit, and not long after our lips met, and the real fireworks exploded.

       After the unexpected kiss, which ended up turning into a full-on snog, we found that the ride was over, and that reality was calling. But as we made our way out, I found that magic did not end, and that when Louis took my hand once again, warmth spread through my body. At that moment, the two of us were surrounded by a dreamy halo, and I saw it clearly as Louis brought my face to his once again. This halo crawled in under our skin; let us escape into a permanent dream.

At that moment, I came to believe in the magic of Valentine, that made me fall in love with a stranger.  



Hi everybody! thank you for reading my 1D valentines one shot! if you liked this story, you could check out my other 1D fanfic called Rock Me. again thanks, and please like, favourite and comment! much love, N

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