DNA is about a world far away (called Miglexia) in another galaxy where human DNA's are crossed with different animals. Since the last eclipse, demons have risen and teared the people of Miglexia to shreds, due to the unusual 48 hour darkness. The main character is Navi, a 14 year old girl training to be an Assasin like her younger siblings Nuke and Kimski. Through her adventure she gains Love, Strength and Sorrow. Navi's DNA is 65% human, 33% snow leopard and 2% wolf. She has pale skin, silver hair with black streaks, the tail and ears of a snow leopard and the smell sense of a wolf. Her journey has only just begun, and Navi senses the toughness and strength that's needed.. Will she be able to survive this battle? Will she succeed?


2. First Sight.

            Navi stepped quietly along the ground, crouched slightly. Skell was a few paces ahead, clearing the path. Navi hadnt remembered what the sun had looked like, she was afraid of its heat like it was going to shoot fireballs any minute. Skell stopped and lifted his arm to point at something on the ground, he beckoned with his other hand and Navi walked slightly quicker towards him.

            "Look, the hoofprints in the mud. An Elkdeer has walked by recently, a male one by the looks of it. But we wont hunt it down since its too close to the cave and we have enough food." Skell turned around and smiled, then returned walking ahead.

           "Elkdeer.. I remember, the fluffy elks with reindeer antlers?" As she reached the mud where the footprints were, she caught a shadow at the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw a shadow shapened like a hunched rabbit, she poked Skell and pointed. It turned around and hissed at them both, then ran away into the bushes.

           "A demon." He kept on walking looking for signs.

           "But that makes no sense, demons attack us?" She stood up straight and itched her arm, she smelt the trail of the stinking demon. She crinkled her nose and followed Skell, he turned around once again and dismissed her, he would sure tell her later.

            A few hours after, they had reached a very large oak. A wild boar with nine tusks appeared from the roots, it snorted and trotted off. Skell climbed up the tree to a very large branch and placed all his items in a hole in the tree, Navi did the same. She tied her sleeping sack to the tree like a hammock and hung her bow on a thinner branch, she sat on her sleeping sack while gazing at the stars. Skell went to get some water at the nearby stream, while Navi lay on the hammock for a while until she heard slow, heavy footsteps. Navi sat up and looked around, she flicked her snow leopard ear to where the sound was coming from, she caught a glimps of a navvy blue cloak. A voice whispered something behind her and she fell to her sleeping sack unconscious.

Navi...Navi... Hush child....

Navi tried to move and speak, but she couldnt move a muscle. All she could see was darkness.

It is time.. for the chosen one to step forth and fight the battles to protect her kind. It is time, for YOU Navi... For you to learn the ways of the DNA Assassins of Miglexia... And save the world before demons rule.

Navi screamed inside her head, something was tightening around her stomach, wrists and legs. What was this? This made no sense!

We will meet again Navi. In the ancient river.. beyond the mountains....

           Navi grasped for breath, it came to her at last. She was back in the hammock in the tree, she heard Skells' steady footsteps and sensed his near presence.

             "Hello Navi, you been asleep?" He smiled and placed the water at the bottom of the tree, also along with some firewood.

              "Yeah, I needed it. Not used to this long walking." She faked a smile and swung down from the tree down to skell. She looked in the bucket of water and noticed a leaf floating on the surface, she picked it up and let it fly away with the breeze.

               "Its time for me to tell you about that rabbit-hare demon, come, sit next to me and we'll make a fire.'' Skell walked toward the logs he had collected earlier and picked them up, tight beneath his arms. Navi fetched some fire stones and set the logs alight. Skell sat next to Navi and itched his ear, then threw some dried leaves onto the fire.

               "So? What was it?" Navi tilted her head curiously at Skell and brushed her hair back.

               "Like you know already, demons are possesed creatures, any creature alive. But not all creatures are strong, like that rabbit-hare for instance. Its souls werent strong, and the demon who possesed the creature made a mistake, a lot of demons do. Because the creatures' souls werent strong, it didnt take much for the demon to take over those souls, that's why it isnt fierce."

               "But it hissed and snarled... and why does that effect how fierce it is?" Questioned Navi.

               "That's its defense, when the demon chooses its body, it will never leave it. Only when that demon is torn apart from its body, which takes a lot of skill. The rabbit-hare has a 50-50 chance of living or dying, but the demon has not, it will die. Anyway, to answer your other question, to make the creature souls fierce, they must fight. The stronger the creature souls, the more fierce it will get when its possesed. When the souls have been beaten, which isnt always the case, depending on how strong the demon is, they will turn fierce, extremely fierce. Because then those souls will become part of the demons soul, then the demon will be able to control that creature. It may seem quite confusing, but it will make sense one day." Skell smiled and touched Navis' shoulder, then stood up on his feet. "Im off to bed, so should you be."

               "Ahh...." Navi was a little confused, but it didnt matter until the morning. "Thanks Skell, and- Night!" Navi thought of explaining her, 'dream' to him, but she had hesitated and refused. Her whole body ached with the pain of staying awake, including the long walk she had done today. Navi hauled herself up the tree and into her hammock, she swung a net over the branch that kept the hammock up and over where she lay, to keep large night spiders away. She could hear Skell climbing up the tree and into his hammock, just a branch below to the left. She said her last goodnight and turned to her side, thinking about the vision-dream she had not a while ago. Why was her life so confusing and, complicated?



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-It doesnt have to be your real name, it can be a made up name like Zoozoo or somin.

-Age doesnt have to be your real one, it can be random, but has to be atleast 13+

-Now, the DNA. Has to be over atleast 50% human DNA, and up to two animal DNA. I'd advise to have one animal DNA, or around 3-10% any other animal DNA.

-Description of character can't be: EXTREMELY PRETTY, SOOOOO HOT AND FIT.... You have to say where of its body is animal (example, brown ears and tail of a monkey and a pink rabbit nose) please include height, doesnt have to include weight.

-Personality, easy. up to 7 words of personality please!


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