DNA is about a world far away (called Miglexia) in another galaxy where human DNA's are crossed with different animals. Since the last eclipse, demons have risen and teared the people of Miglexia to shreds, due to the unusual 48 hour darkness. The main character is Navi, a 14 year old girl training to be an Assasin like her younger siblings Nuke and Kimski. Through her adventure she gains Love, Strength and Sorrow. Navi's DNA is 65% human, 33% snow leopard and 2% wolf. She has pale skin, silver hair with black streaks, the tail and ears of a snow leopard and the smell sense of a wolf. Her journey has only just begun, and Navi senses the toughness and strength that's needed.. Will she be able to survive this battle? Will she succeed?


1. Exit of the whispering caves.

The sun shined against the rocks, blazing so hot that any animal in its way would burn to a crisp. The scratching of demon claws echoed the air, nowhere to be seen. As the sun grew bigger, a giant, shadowed creature cowered the tall forest. The shadow lifted its wooden horn to its mouth and blew, the loud, hissing sound turn the scratching claws to whispers, The Great Demon. Smaller shadows this time scuttled along the ash grass, red souls gleamed inside the creatures. They all suddenly turned around, running towards somewhere unknown. Navi tried to run but her legs fell to the ground as the demons reached upon her, snapping her spine and eating her souls.

         "Navi, Navi.." A large, scarred hand reached out to the pale, wriggling body. "Navi, its alright..."

          "Uh..Skell..." Navi opened her bright turquoise eyes, Skell was sitting up pressing his hand on her shoulder.

         "You had a nightmare, a bad one." His wolf ears flicked back and forth, his fluffy tail and black nose also wolf.

          "Did I wake you...?" Navi yawned and looked up at the cave roof, bats hanged in the darkness.

          "No no.. I woke up a while ago. I made food for us, bat flesh stew." Navi groaned, she had the same food every day of every week for two and a half years. Skell was Navi's mentor, he was a couple of years older than her, and relative. Skell had his DNA markings already, since he became an assasin a few years back. The two dark grey-blue lines on both of his cheeks marked his animal soul, Wolf. Navi's was snow leopard, she would be recieving her DNA markings today, she was going to leave the deep, rotten cave.

           "Navi, what was your nightmare?" Skell asked thoughtfully, carefully placing his blue slate knife on his leather skin pouch.

            "Oh.. um..." Navi stumbled, she didnt want to admit being afraid of leaving the cave, every assassin has to be brave. Skell turned towards her and twitched his black nose, lifting his chin and looked down on Navi.

            "You dont have to be worried." Navi jolted her head towards Skell, he couldnt know this!

             "Im not worried! Or scared. Just curious." Navi looked at Skell, he lifted his eyebrow and returned his gaze on his blue knife.

              "I was scared, worried, frightened.. These are all the emotions you have to face Navi, its a part of being who you are, a DNA creature."  Skell stood up and smiled "I will visit your father today, in the higher grounds. I will organise your DNA marking ceremony." He turned and walked up the slope and towards her fathers camp, also his uncle.

             Navi wore her new white hare fur coat, with her short leather skirt and black dyed rope-belt. Her mountain goat shawl covered her shoulders, with a another mountain goat shirt underneath reaching her elbows. Ptarmigan feathered wrist covers placed on her arms, this was her new outfit, the one every new assasin apprentice earns.

            "Navi! Navi!" Nuke and Kimski ran up to her and hugged her waist, Nuke and Kimski were Navi's younger twin siblings. Kimski had longer hair than Navi, Navi's reached her shoulders while Kimski's reached about two inches under her shoulderblades. While of course, Nuke was male and had roughly cut black hair. Their DNA creatures were Wolf, with a bit of snow leopard.

             "Navi, its time." Skell smiled and nodded towards Kimski and Nuke to give their last hugs.

             "We'll meet soon. I promise!" Navi kissed both of their foreheads and turned to follow Skell up the slope. As she reached the higher grounds for the second time in her life, as non-apprenticed assassins werent allowed. Everyone cheered her name and wished her luck for her future ahead, her father smiled from the front of the crowd and gave her a hug. it was time.

             "Assassins! Today, it is time for Navi to join us as an apprentice. She has been tought by her faithful friend, relative and mentor the basic things of life here. Now, it is time for her to face the dangers of this world. Skell is one of our most greatest assassins, and now he must pass his knowledge to Navi, the first birth of the snow leopard assassin leader!" Clinquessi shouted across the clearing, her clear loud voice echoing the cave. Navi's mother, Linea stepped forward and touched Navi's cheek with the back of her hand.

              "Follow me, Navi. It is time to recieve your blessing." Linea held her daughters wrist lightly and lead her towards the great rock. She let her daughter sit cross legged at the top, Navi closed her eyes and whispered her prayer to the world soul and opened them again. Her mother gathered the paste needed to paint the markings and felt her own, stained on her skin snow leopard print covered her left eye. Navi flicked her snow leopard tail in silent excitement and watched as her mother swished her own tail once with happiness. She leaned against her daughter and placed the DNA markings on her right eye, taking it in slow steps to make sure there was no mistake.

                A while later, when Linea had finished the markings, Navi stepped out into the open and cleared her throat.

              "I shall serve my world and clan until death, bring the broken souls of the dead to peace and be faithful to my kind, I swear on oath that i shall avenge the dead!" Navi cast her new bow and arrows to the air and everyone cheered in happiness and belief, this really was something special.

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