What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


9. WOW!!



      *Niall's POV* (haha i actually changed a POV!! )

  Liam's eyes widened as he pulled Acacia to the guest room on the first floor, we all looked at each other confused...
I couldn't help but follow them and find out what's going on. All i heard was 14, dump, punch, and 20. As far as i know they're both not much help in maths, and punch might mean what happened todaym but what about the rest?!!
I heard their footsteps coming so i rushed into the kitchen and pretended to look for food, "Niall, you're still hungry?" chuckled Acacia, "As far as i remember, we didnt eat" i replied, she nodded and climbed up the stairs to her room probably.

   I turned around to face Liam, i jumped a step back. How the hell did he get in here? "I know you heard" he said plainly, "I dont know what you're talking about...." i replied, he sighed "Look Niall, i not gonna be mad at you, just tell me what'd you hear" he said, "Fine. I heard the words 14, dump, punch, and 20" i confessed, he nodded and was about to walk out the kitchen "What did you talk about?" i asked causing him to stop dead in his track, "I'll tell all of you when Cia gets downstairs" just as he said that Cia came into the kitchen wearing a purple Jack Wills hoddie, a pair of grey sweatpants and Ugg slippers. "Hi" she said before grabbing a water bottle and heading to the living room, Liam gave me a nervous look about telling everyone, i nodded and we followed her to the living room where every one sat.

   "Guys, i need to tell you something" announced Liam, Acacia swallowed hard and looked at Liam probably to check if he wanted to tell them what they discussed in the guest room. "About that Mandy girl, she..she..." he was about to continuse when Cia (dont get confused its Acacia's nickname that Niall and Liam use mostly) cut him off, "She's the girl that dumped Liam after one day and rejected him 20 times before and i beat her up after she broke up with him" the truth flooded from her mouth uncontrollably, we all stared at her. So that's the freak who broke Liam's heart.....
 "But how come she's your high school bully then?" asked Harry not seeing any connection what-so-ever, "Well, after Liam left for the X Factor the second time she began bullying me, and giving me a hard time every chance she got.." said Cia, we all nodded. Dani was the first one to get up from her seat and walked towards Cia and hugged her whispering something in her ear making her smile and then hugged Liam, he was relieved and happy, "I thought you might dump me or something" he confessed, "Why'd i ever do that silly?" chuckled Dani and sat down next to him.

Well that was ALOT for the night.
"I dont know about you, but i need to rest after all this" i said walking up the stairs to my room.

     All night i was lying in my bed, sleep never came to me, i felt tired but yet i couldn't close my eyes for a nano second...I sighed and got out of bed and quietly walked down the stairs to the kitchen. 
The lights were on...weird. I quietly sneaked in there and found Cia standing there drinking water, she smiled when she saw me, "Hi" she said, i smiled back "What are you doing up?" i asked, "I could ask you  the same thing" she chuckled. 
"Cant sleep" i said, "Same" she replied, i nodded and poured myself a glass of water. 

   "So.." she said, "So.." i mocked her, "Dont mock me" she said, i chuckled and stuck my tongue out, "You're lucky everyone's sleeping i would've killed you if it didnt make any noise" she said trying not to laugh, "Well, im gonna go watch some TV" i said and went into the living room, she followed. 
   I sat on the couch right infront of the TV and turned it on, she sat next to me, "Look who decided to join" i chuckled she slapped my hand and laughed, "What are we watching?" she asked, "I dont know, what do you wanna watch?" he asked, "Lets watch Finding Nemo" she replied, i nodded and put it on.


   ~Next morning~

   "Shh.....You're gonna wake them up" said a voice i recognized, i heard a camera click but ignored it, the heard someone say "Awwwwe they're so cute" , i opened my eyes to find Lou and Harry standing next to the couch with smudge smiles on their faces and Lou holding his phone, i looked at them confused. Then i realized me and Acacia fell asleep on the couch while watching the movie and cuddled up. My hands were wrapped tightly around her waist and her head on my shoulder, i heard the lads chuckle as i blushed deep red, then realized the Liam's gonna flip if he sees this so i carefully let go of her and got up, "Dude, Liam's gonna freak" i whispered, Lou chuckled and said "I dont think so, he's still asleep. Besides we're the only one's who saw this" he replied "Along with all my Twitter followers" said Harry, i mentally slapped myself. "You tweeted the picture" i said angrily, "And tagged you too in it" he whispered and made a run for it.

  The whole day i've been trying to avoid Liam as much as possible, because i was afraid to tell him what happened, i mean i know it was just an accident, i didnt mean to, but who know's how he's gonna react....



    so, what do you guys think?!
Hope you like it, it was fun writing this, some parts were kindda crappy thought.....


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