What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


22. Sinking in thoughts (mainly)




I put on a white polka dot  bralet, i wear a lot of those lately...... A pair of black shorts and sneaker wedges.   I applied some make up and chap stick then walked back to the living room. 


Ready?" asked Emma, i nodded and we walked out leaving a note that we'll be back in two-three hours. Emma was wearing this..


    We walked in silence for a few minutes, but Emma broke it by saying "We need a plan", i looked at her confused, "Cleo and Jake" she said in a DUH tone of voice. "oh" was all i said. "Maybe we should lock them in a room together." i suggested, "That's how Niall got the courage to ask me out" i said smiling at the memory. "Well not everyone is like Niall" she chuckled, i  cracked a smile. 
"C, what's wrong?" she stopped walking and stood in front of me, "It's nothing" i muttered, she shook her head. "You should learn to open up a little" she said, i looked at her, searching for anything that tells she knows. She knows everything...
"It's not that easy Em" i said, more to comfort myself than her. She shook her head again. "We're like family Cia. We're supposed to take care of each other. This is how simple it is" wise words from a 16-year-old who cant stand her sisters attitude. I nodded "you're right. But i'll tell you once i figure it out" i said, she nodded her head.

As we walked in the busy streets of New York i was  lost deep in thoughts. Emma was blabbing about something i wasnt really listening to, i would nod occasionally, but that's it...
"So we agreed?" asked Emma, pulling me out o my string of thoughts. "Yes..Wait!! What??!" was all i managed to say, she chuckled. "I asked if you think a picnic would be a good idea, we both know i suck when it comes to romance" she chuckled at the last part.
Honestly she reminded me of myself when i was her age. Strange, hyper, rebellious, but most importantly eager to help. I wish i was still that girl. But i'm not, at least not anymore....Now i'm just Liam Payne's twin, a shame to the family, and a hating point to the Niall girls, as directioners who favor Niall the most call them selves. 
I'm not proud of drinking, smoking or dressing like this. First it started off to draw my parents attention, but it didnt work, Liam would occasionally let me sleep next to him when i felt left out or just sad, he's comfort me and try to draw our parents attention to me instead of him, but they ignored it, but that was before he left. Now he kind of changed, he never judged my choice of clothes or questioned my actions, but now every time we talk he'd criticize my every move, and it's simply annoying, i mean why would anyone believe anything the paps say?!

Ok, maybe that one article about me getting back to the tour bus drunk was true, but i did it only once, and i had good reasons. one word. Depression. I just got tired and let it all go. No i didnt cheat on Niall by having drunk sex with some ass hole. Nope. I simply drank the night away. If you had my experience in drinking, you learn to control your every move. Except for the part when a tiny voice in your head screams at you to stop drinking and that its enough, but you just mute it and keep chugging it, like it's water.

"We should start planning, i think the Central Park would be wonderful for their date, or however they want to call it." i spoke up after being drown in my thoughts until i felt the tears forming in my eyes, i was grateful they didnt fall. "It's gonna be perfect, now lets go tell the others and get planning" yelled Emma grabbing my hand and running all the way to the bus. 

Everyone was awake but Cleo, Jake was listening to music loudly from his iPod. "Guys. We're planning it in the Central park, so move move move!!" Emma ordered kicking them out of the bus. She went up to Jake, who noticed her and took off his beats, "Would you mind staying here with Cleo until she wakes up?" she tried sounding polite, but it was hard for her. He nodded then continued listening to his music.




Next chapter is gonna be cute, but there's a surprize coming soon so yeah!

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