What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!




            I jumped out of the car as soon as we pulled up in my driveway, today i got to finally see my family!
Mom and dad stood by the door smiling, i ran up to the and hugged them tightly, mom had tears in her eyes ans a happy smile on her face, Nicole and Ruth came from behind them, once i pulled away i hugged them. The lads reached the door step "A little help here" whined Lou as he carried two bags with him, "Oh sorry" i mumbled and help get our suitcases in the house and each ones to their rooms, the lads were staying over this summer.

        "Mom where is.." i started to say but she cut me off by saying "She's out" i nodded. She never changed, the same careless wild child. No wonder Simon said not to tell anyone about her....

       "IM HOME!" i heard Acacia's voice come from the door. We were all having dinner in the dining room, mom made chicken cordon bleu, which was her favorite dish. 
      A girl with actually red hair and blue eyes came into the dinning room and came up to my parents, kissed their cheeks and said "Hi mom, hi dad", "Hi sweetie" smiled dad, could it be?!...."Oh, hi Liam. Didn't see you there" she chuckled, "What did you do to your hair?" was all i managed to say, she chuckled "I dyed it silly" she said messing up my hair "And i see you got rid of your Justin Bieber haircut" she added chuckling,  "And you must be his band mates" she turned her attention to the lads, "I love your hair, its actually my favorite color" grinned Zayn, "Why thank you" she smiled sweetly. 
       "Mom, Jake's having a party tonight, can i go?" she asked "When will you be home?" asked mom, "By twelve" she replied, mom nodded frowning and Acacia skipped happily to what i assume is her bedroom.

     After about an hour she came downstairs to the living room where we all sat "Mom, im going" she said, "Alright, but why are you wearing long sleeves?" said mom, "Um..because..they said it might be a bit chilly" she said nervously, mom sighed but nodded, so Acacia walked out of the house.  

    "I think you've got some explaining to do" said Harry, he sounded serious as he looked directly at me, "Hi" i waved at him, he rolled his eyes. "Don't act dumb Liam!Spit it out!" demanded Louis, i took a deep breath and said "Simon said not to tell anyone about Acacia", "So thats her name, and why not?" said Zayn, "Because he thinks she's too much trouble, and he's actually right" i replied, they nodded slowly probably not understanding how she could be that mush trouble, but once they get to know her, they'll find out...  

    We sat there in silence until Harry decided to break it  "She's fit" "She's off limits!" i said dead serious, "Why?" asked Niall, not him too.... "First of all she's my sister, second of all, im worried about you not her" i said, they looked puzzled, "She doesn't get her heart broken, she breaks them" i sighed, their lips formed and :O

    I  remember Ruth telling me, Acacia dumped her last boyfriend right before prom, she also told him she only went out with him because of a dare...poor kid, he was broken and didn't show up there.
   "So what you're saying is she's bad news" said Niall raising an eyebrow and interrupting my thoughts, i just nodded in reply.






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