What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


25. SHE WHAT??!!!



      *Niall's POV*
I was banging on the doors of Cia's hospital room yelling her name and at the doctors to let go of me. Suddenly i felt light headed and sleepy, i looked to my right to see a nurse with a needle as she gave me a sympathetic smile and everything went black.

     *Liam's POV*
I was pacing back and forth in the corridor in front of Cia's room. Niall was knocked down because of his panic attack and was in a hospital bed in the room next to Cia's.
The doctor walked towards me, he gave me an apologic look. "Mr.Horan is awake. As for Miss Payne, she's unstable and we're afraid we'll have to disconnect her life support soon" said the doctor.
I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks, i couldn't hold it anymore.
I felt sick about myself, i was always so mean and bossy towards her. She was always upset about what i said, i always judged  her style and everything she did. She was always the one to be in the shadow of me, she always tried to be like me, she even got straight A's for a whole year just for our parents attention, yet they never cared.....
I feel so bad, i didnt even make it up to her, i didnt even make her feel that she had a family.

Later the boys, El, Dani came by, Niall was awake but the doctors kept him in his room, because later news may cause him to lose his mind again....

*Cia's POV*
I woke up in a blurry room. After my vision got fixed i saw that i was in a white room, with wires hooked to my body.
The hospital smell hit my nose, it was honestly disgusting...
I hate hospitals.
"Miss Payne" i heard a man in a white coat say, it was the doctor. "Yes" was all i said.
"Your brother is here and so is Mr.Horan" he said, my eyes widened. "What happened?" i asked trying to sit up. "You've been in a car accident. The taxi driver and the truck driver were killed in place but you are lucky you're alive." He said, i sighed. "What if i wanted to die?" I asked not caring about his shocked face after hearing me say that. "Well you're alive"he said,i rolled my eyes.
"Can i fake my death?" I asked hope filled my voice more than ever. "But it wont be easy" said the doctor. "How much?" I asked, i mean it's pretty clear that he wanted money. 

*Nialls POV*
We sat in the waiting room. The doctor finally let me join the others,but he still made a nurse keep an eye on me.
The doctor came out of Cis's room with an apologic look on his face. I quickly stood up. "Im very sorry. But her heart just stopped. It was too weak to handle anything." He said, i felt my legs go weak and my body was on the floor,tears we streaming down my face. It was too late, if only i hadnt drank that night, if only i thought if what i was doing, but its too late now, shes gone and nothing could change that.

I looked at Liam and saw he was crying even harder than i was. Dont blame him, it was his sister....
I dont know what got into me but i stood up and bolted to her door, but a huge security guard blocked my way.
I sat on the floor hugging my legs close to my chest and sobbed.

*Cia's POV*
 "Thanks Mia" i said smiling at my high school best friend. She's a hair dresser now, who owns her own salon here in London. I told her everything and asked her for some help, which she gladly agreed to it.
I walked out of her salon with a new hair cut and her brother promised to get me a new passport and ID card in two days, he has government connections.
My new name was Carter Anne Blane. His choice not mine, i only chose Carter.
And i had a new hair cut. I didnt change my face, but the hair cut kind of gave me a new face, if that makes and sense. Point is, i wont be noticed. And i always wanted to see how it's  like to have blonde hair.

All i had to do now is get a new wardrobe. I checked the news and news about my death wasnt announced yet, so i could still use me credit card, and i'll transfer everything to an account under my new name when i get my legal papers.

Man! New life!! HERE I COME :D




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