What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


16. Not for long



       Since the day we got back from London me and Niall have been spending every single day together, i'm starting to feel that he doesnt want me to go...I dont blame him though, i started to think i should stay....

      "I cant believe we it's our last day together" muttered Niall as he hid his face in my neck, "I know" i whispered. We both knew we'll have to say good bye soon or later, and later was only 24 hours away.
     I stood up and stretched, i was about to take one step towards the door when Niall took my hand and pulled me back on the couch, "Where do you think you're going?" he smirked, "I just thought you'd be hungry and wanted a sandwich, but guess not..." i trailed off, "NO! I an hungry!" he said letting me go, i got up again, and he pulled me back once more, this time i fell into his arms, "you enjoy doing this, dont you?" i chuckled, he nodded smiling, i chuckled once again and said, "fine, how about we go get some food and movies, and we could have a movie night", he nodded "That'd be nice" i heard him say, he took his car keys and we walked towards the door. 

     "Oh my god! I wanna watch this!" i squealed when i saw the Forest Gump movie. he rolled his eyes, "But we watched it like 10 times in the past month" he whined, "Fine" i groaned and put it back. 
     "How about this one?" he asked holding the movie SpiderMan starring Andrew Garfield, i nodded smiling widely. That was like one of my favorite movies, one of the reasons is that Lou thinks SuperMan is the best, while i think SpiderMan is.
 We got icecream, pop corn, gummy bears for Niall and gummy warms for me, and we also got nerds, it's like my favorite candy EVER, and we took a few bars of chocolate. "Niall, i swear if i get fat after this, you're carrying me everywhere" i said, he laughed loudly causing me to laugh because his laugh is just this contagious.


  ~Next Day 6AM~

   i got up and stretched, movie night was fun until you get up in a pile of popcorn and Niall's arms around your waist, i wasnt complaining about the arms, just the popcorn and trash from last nights snacks. 
How did we end up in a pile of pop corn?! Easy, we had a popcorn fight then we were too LAZY to clean up so we fell asleep. Isnt our life so much fun? Well, not for long. by that i mean when Liam wakes up and enters the living room and.....
"CCCCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh he's awake, i chuckled at my stupid mental remark, "Morning to you too Liam" i smiled innocently, he rolled his eyes, "CLEAN.NOW!!" he said and stomped into the kitchen, "Love you too big bro!" i yelled, then heard him chuckle.
  "Niall, Niall!" i shook him, no response, "NIALL!!!" i yelled and smacked his face with a pillow. "What the F**k Cia!!" he groaned, i chuckled, "Morning to you too" i said giving him a soft pick on the lips, he smiled and stood up. 
"We better get cleaning before.." i cut him off, "Already did", he chuckled and we started cleaning.


      I brushed my teeth and looked at myself on last time. I had my hair in a side braid, what i was wearing was a pair of blue shorts, a pink tank and pink vans. I didnt have any make up on, only sun screen which technically wasnt make up...
"Cia, the car's here!" yelled Liam, Cher said she'd pick me up and we'd head for the air port since she had a little concert here in Wolverhampton. i sighed as i grabbed my back pack and ran down stairs, Niall and Liam loaded my suitcases into the car trunk, and now were standing by the front door with the others.
  I said bye to the girls frst, then the lads, then Liam who gave me a long speech on how i shouldn't drink or try weed. And finally Niall. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist.
 "I already miss you" he whispered, "Me too" i replied. "Dont forget about your boyfriend ok?" he said into my hair, "Never" i replied, "Its not gonna be for long. It's not like forever." i finally whispered after a minute of silence. "Not for long" i heard him sigh as he buried his face into the crook of my neck. 
  We broke the hug and his lips touched mine. It was the most Passiont kiss we've ever had, and also the last for 3 whole months. Not long ha?! We were only fooling ourselves but we both know we'd go through it... 
  The car horn made us break apart, i gave him one last hug before going down the steps of the front of the house and into the big shiny black lemo and we drove off.....




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