What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


20. no chapter name~cuz i was too lazy to think of one~

 I woke up to yelling in the bus, dragging my sleepy body to the front i saw Madi and Emma fighting, they're twins. Which i think is really funny because even thought they look alike, they act nothing like each other. 
     I mean Madi is the sweet, innocent, caring and girly type of girl. While Emma is more of a me type of girl. "Alright! What's going on?" i said shoving them far from each other which ended up them being seated on the couches on both sides. "She started it" Madi glared at Emma, who laughed, "I started it? You're the bitch who always starts getting in my business" spat Emma, "Well you explain what's going on?" i said frustrated and wanting to chock both of them, "Emma wanted to go clubbing tonight, and since we're under age and mom and dad said not to let her do anything stupid i said she cant go" said Madi, that's right, they are under age, they're going to be 17 this year. I turned to Emma, she just shrugged, usually she does that when she has nothing to add. 
   "Ok kids, i'm with Madi on this one. You are only 16 and i dont think Cher would be happy if you go clubbing while we're still working" i said, Madi smiled at me, i smiled back while Emma groaned and covered her face with a pillow. "And Emma, dont you dare hurt your sister" i warned, she left her head up and just glared at me, i chuckled and went back to my bunk. 

     I put on a my blue shorts, comic bralet, pink feather ear cuff earring and colorful high-tops. As for my hair, i brushed it to the side, i still had my blue nail polish on from last night, so i didnt bother to change it, i put on some light pink lip gloss and put on some mascara and i'd say alot of eye liner . I walked to the mini kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of my favorite cereal, fruit loops. 

As i ate Dana came in, she was wearing red skinny jeans, black SWAG top, black heel hightops with studs, a black OBEY snap back, a simple but really cute bracelet, and a two finger FOXY silver ring, her hair black hair was straight as it always is. "Wad up foxy" i said noticing her ring, she chuckled and hit me in the back of my head, "no flirting during breakfast" she laughed causing me to also laugh. This was a typical day on the bus. Today we had no concerts, so we're going shopping. 
"Who's flirting?!" Cher ran into the kitchen, Dana pointed at me, i playfully glared at her, Cher fake pouted "And i thought we'll be together forever" she said while fake sobbing, i got up and hugged her. "No. Dont cry babe, i love you" i said, she shot her head up and screamed YAY like little kids do when they see ice cream. I chuckled and went back to eating.

    "Do you think Cleo and Jake would work out?" asked Madi, "They're perfect together" smiled Emma, we all nodded in agreement. See, Cleo has this HUGE crush on Jake, who happens to be Chers guitarist. Which is making us so freakin happy. We are now in the mall in Chicago, i love this place, we decided to go to the food court to eat, we already finished eating and Cleo, Jake and Dana volunteered to get us some frozen yogurt .  
"If they find out we're discussing them, we're dead" said Micheal, we nodded chuckling, just then they came back. "What are you guys blabing about?" asked Cleo. "Shoes" "the concert" "Food" "Music" "Zebra's" were our answers, "We were talking about the outfits for the next concert, and we'd like animal prints, like zebra. Also we want high tops, they're comfier to dance in" i said saving their asses, they all nodded. Cleo didnt seem to buy it, Dana realized what we were actually talking about because she sent me a knowing look, while Jake just handed us our yogurt and we all ate in silence. 






(Dana's outfit)




(Cia's outfit)



(Emma's outfit)


(Cleo's outfit)


(Madi's outfit)


(Cher's outfit)







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