What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


17. Miss you already



             The plane ride was LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG!!! I hate planes, dont you?!

We are in Cher's house right now, in LA. We'll be rehearsals for a month or so then the tour will take off, which is going to be for two months all over the US, so I'm gone for three months in total....

       I dragged my suitcases into the guestroom Cher sit up for me, the room was pretty big, light brown walls, queen size bed, a closet and a bathroom. The furniture was different shades of brown and tiny bits of gold. It was beautiful and really comfy. I sat on the bed and pulled out my phone, the first person i called was Niall.

 "Hey babe" i heard his comforting voice "Hi" i said now cheerfully, he chuckled, "How's LA?" he asked, "I haven't looked around yet, but Cher's house is awesome" i said, he chuckled, "Well, don't you find someone to replace me" he said "Never" i replied, i could hear the smile getting wider on his lips. "Well, i have to go, i need to shower and it's probably late in England, so get some sleep" i said "Nooo! We can do that later" he whined, i chuckled "Niall, i really miss you too, but you have to get some sleep" i said, he huffed. "Fine" he said giving up.
"Good night. Love you" i said, "Love you too" he replied. And we hung up.

        I walked over to one of my suitcases, i opened it up and took some clothes, then i walked to the bathroom. I showered and put on an Abercombie and Fitch Neve pink shirt and light blue shorts, and my pink TOMS. I left my hair natural, and applied a bit of mascara, eye liner,  and lip gloss. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty good, but my brown roots started to show so i had to dye it again.....

      I walked oout of my room and headed towards the living room, Cher was sitting there ready to go out. "I think i should take you around" she said, i nodded and we walked out


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