What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


10. Make a move....


      *Still Niall's POV*

  I cant take it anymore! I have to tell him, its torture! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Yesterday i almost said it in a local radio interview (its been two days), i even started avoiding Cia, because honestly, i do have feelings for her. This is so bad! Liam's like my best mate, and he'd never let me go out with her.....

  "Hi Niall" i heard Cia's voice from behind causing me to jump, she chuckled. "A little jumpy today, arent we" she said still chuckling. "Um..i didnt hear you coming" i said standing up from the kitchen stool and trying to get out but she stood in front of the door, "You're not going anywhere until you explain why are you ignoring me" she said crossing her arms in front of her, i sighed and tried to push past her but she didnt budge, so i, lifted her up like parents do to their little kids and put her on the stool and quickly rushed out "YOU KNOW THIS ISNT OVER YET!!" she yelled as i ran out the house as fast as i could.

   I sat on the park bench fiddling with my fingers, not knowing what to do, it was all too much for me right now. I cuddled my best friend's sister AND i have feelings for her.
I know Liam said not to fall for her, but when you spend so much time with her its impossible, i mean she's funny, smart, loving, caring when she wants to, sweet, adorable, and she smells nice, now i just sound creepy......

  I was about to get up but someone grabbed my hand and sat me back down, i looked at the person and the nervous feeling in my stomach came back....LIAM!

  "Mate, we need to talk" he said, i sighed. "You've been acting weird for the past to days and you've been ignoring me" he said, i looked at the oak tree in the middle of the park to keep me concentrated on keeping my mouth shut...
   "You're doing it again" he said annoyed, "Huh?!" that's all that came out of my mouth, he rolled his eyes, "I try to talk to you and all you do is stare at the ceiling or at something to keep you distracted or something" he muttered. "I...i have to tell you something, but you need to promise not to get mad" i muttered, "Promise" he replied. I took a deep breathe before opening my mouth, it was now or never. After i told him everything he smiled at me sympathetically, "Niall look, i believe its an accident, but the reason why i dont like the fact that you fell for her is that she can break your heart and not even care about it, that's why i told you guys to stay away. But if you can change her to the better then go for it, i'll be here for you if anything happened" he said smiling weakly at me, i nodded. 

   "So, what are we gonna do now"? i asked after sitting in silence for about 10 minutes, "We can get ice cream then go home" he suggested, i smiled widely and stood up.


     *Acacia's POV*

   OK, so Niall's avoiding me and won't tell me why. This is just flacked up! 
I just have to get to the bottom of this, just as i was about to go looking for him, he and Liam came through the front door, "hey sis" smiled Liam, "Hey bro" i chuckled and hugged him, he hugged back and whispered "Dont break his heart, alright?" i was dumbfounded, i didnt know what he was talking about and wasn't sure how to answer so i just nodded with my confused face, he chuckled realizing my confusion and went into the kitchen.
 Me and Niall stood near the front door, none of us spoke, just silence....this is gonna get awkward if we're gonna just stand there like that.

   "I think we should resume our conversation" i said, he nodded and i stepped out of the house, he was catching up behind me. Once i finally reached the park i walked up to the old oak tree right in the middle of the park, it was my favorite spot, i sat under it and patted the ground so Niall would sit next to me, "So" he said, "Spill" i said, he took a deep breath and smashed his lips into mine, the kiss was sweet, better than any kiss i've ever had, and this time i actually felt something, butterflies in my stomach, it was a weird feeling, in a good way. 
He pulled away "Sorry, i probably should'nt...." i cut him off by saying "Its cool, im not mad", he nodded smiling at me, i turned away trying to hide my blushing, but he put his finger under my chin and moved my face to face him, "Dont look away, you're cute when you blush" and that made me blush EVEN MORE!!
       We sat there in silence, the nice silence, where you just enjoy everything around you, i never knew it would come a day and i would have feelings for anyone, it was nearly impossible to believe but it happened, i just dont know what's gonna happen next, what's gonna be Liam's reaction? I mean they're best friends after all and i'm just a girl known as an anonymous who hangs out with the lads, they didnt confirm that  im Liam's sister yet, but it's cool as long as i hang out with them, Austin and Jake have gone to Spain, they've got a shoot there. 
 YUP! They're models... awkward right?!  
At least for me it is, i've never ever put them as two hot guys who girls chase after every chance they got, i never imagined Liam to be chased by half the female population either...oh well.

    We still sat there, looking at everything around, having a laugh at every funny thing we saw, been chased by a squirrel which is SCARY and now lying on the grass under the stars, the got part about Wolverhampton is that the stars are amazayn (see what i did there? :P )  at night...
     After a while we decided to go  home, cuz it got a bit chilly :P LOL


So, what do you guys think?!! 
Hope you like it, cuz it nice, right??!
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