What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


3. Letting it all out


I came home, the smell of alcohol still stuck to me. I unlocked the door with my shaky hands...I might have had a couple drinks, ok 4 drinks...But i regret nothing. 

            I walked in and found Liam sitting on the couch in his PJ's, and his robe, "Oh, hi there" i giggled as i stumbled in, im a giggler when im drunk. "Where were you? Its past midnight" he said, i rolled my eyes "I was just a few minutes late" i said, "A few minutes?! Its 2am!" he whisper yelled, i giggled, "Whatever im going to bed" and with that i went up to my room, more like stumbled to my room.

*Next morning*

           I woke up my head pounding, thats the only downhill from drinking. I got up and went to the shower, im so used to drinking and hangovers that i don't throw up anymore. I showered and put on a pink tank top that showed off my back tattoo and showed my black bra slightly from the sides, denim black studded short shorts, Supra's which were black,pink and white colors, a white snap back. As for jewelry i put on a black leather studded bracelet, and silver rhinestone ear cuf stud earrings. I straightened my hair and let it fall freely.

           I walked downstairs to find everyone awake "Hi" i smiled, they  all mumbled their hellos, i grabbed an apple and sat next to the blonde one, he was cute :P "I just realized i dont know your names" i chuckled "Well, these are Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall" said Liam, each of them waved when Liam said their names. "Im Acacia, Liams evil twin" i waved my hands around, bad move..

         "What is that?" asked Liam pointing at my wrist "What is what?" i asked, i knew exactly what he was talking about though, "She got four tattoos while you were gone" said Ruth "Thanks alot sis" i muttered crossing my arms, she just smiled innocently "And can't you put on a normal t-shirt?" said Liam eyeing my outfit "You're lucky she's actually wearing something presentable. Usually its croptops, bralets, or strapless tops" said Nicola biting her apple, Liams eyes widened.

         Anger was all over his face, "You get tattoos and dress like a slut now" he said, "When you put it like that, it does sound bad" i chuckled "Go change" he said "No" i said stubbornly, "GO.CHANGE" he said angrier, "NO" i said in a more stubborn way. He rolled his eyes, threw my over his shoulder and carried me to my room, "You're not getting out of here until you change" he snapped and walked out locking the door behind him, i stuck my tongue out at him even though he cant see me.....
       I let out a loud groan and threw myself on my bed. 
I was lying there, bored to death, but there was no way im doing what he wants. My phone went off, i stretched to reach for it since it was on my night stand and pressed Answer "Hello?" i said not even bothering to look at the caller ID "Acacia where are you?" Jake's voice rang in my ear, "Im stuck in my room" i whined, "Why?" he asked wanting to know what i did this time. "He just hates my guts" i mumbled, he chuckled "Well, my and Austin are coming to the rescue. Where do you keep the ladder?" he said, now was my turn to chuckle, "In the back yard, but be careful they might be there" i said, we said our bye's and hung up.

   After a while i heard knocking on my window, i got up to see who is it and found Jake standing right there "Lets go, they're coming out for a swim" he whispered, i nodded and carefully sneaked out through the window. 
   "I cant believe he didnt notice" i chuckled, they nodded. Me, Jake and Austin held hands together and skipped happily to the park where we were supposed to play some soccer(football for Americans).

   We were playing soccer happily as the sprinkles went off in the park, i squealed when the cold water touched my skin causing Jake and Austin to laugh at my reaction.  "Shit" muttered Austin looking at something, i turned around and a gasp escaped my lips. Liam was here along with the lads probably looking for me, i id behind a tree "Boo" someone whispered from behind me, i let out a bloody scream only to find Louis soaking wet with a retarded smirk plastered on his face, "The hell" i muttered, he chuckled and threw me over his shoulder. 
   What's with people treating me like a bag of potatoes today? 
   "Liam i found her" he yelled, i heard someone coming towards us, probably that bastard Liam "What part of you're not getting out like this dont you understand" he said angrily "The part where you're not my mom to tell me what to do" i snapped, he roled his eyes "HOME NOW" he ordered "Im not your dog" i hissed, "No you're not but you're going home" he said still thinking that i'm going to listen to him just like all those times he manipulated me when we were kids, i shook my head no and stood still in my spot. 
    "Why are you so stupid?" he yelled, i shouldnt have pressed on his nerves, "Don't freakin yell at me! Why do you care anyway?!! You're the one who kept me a secret from everyone because im an imbaressment to you! I hate you! i freakin hate you!" i yelled every emotion i've kept inside me for the past two years finally coming out.....


  What do you think?!!!

Here's a picture of Acacia and her tattoos..


left wrist:

right hand index finger:

on the right shoulder:

the back, to the right:


      Any questions, comments or anything you wanna say, please comment :D

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