What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


14. leaving, maybe?


          My grabbed my stupid alarm clock that was ringing endlessly and threw it against the wall. I groaned as i burried my head in the pillows. Mom said i had to find a job, so i signed up for a back up dancer audition for Cher lloyd, she is in the UK now and there is an audition in London tomorrow, so i have to head there. I havent told anyone about it, and honestly intend not to, because well, what if i dont get the job?! 

      I finally decided to get up and hit the shower. After shower i put on a pair of denim black shorts, one of my usual strapless shirts and a pair of black chuck taylors. I straightened my hair and made it as i usually do it all the time, i also applied some eye liner and mascara and i was ready for the day.

     "Morning" i said, i heard mornings and hi's from everyone, they must have woken up WAYY earlier than i did. "Hey babe" smiled Niall giving me a kiss on the cheek, "Hi" i smiled at him and picked his lips. "Do you mind! We're eating here!!" i heard Harry say in annoyance, "What ever" i muttered causing Niall to chuckle. 

     "Guys, i need to tell you something" i said after everyone finished eating, "What is is?" asked liam sitting next to Dani on the couch, we were all in the living room now. "I signed up for an audition for a back up dancer" i said, "For who?" asked Zayn, "Cher Lloyd" i replied, the all rushed to me and hugged me, "But that means you'll have to leave with her for tour" said Dani after breaking the hug, "That was why i was telling you this" i said looking at the ground, i lefted my head up to see them smiling weakly at me, and Niall had a saddened look on his face, it crushed my heart, but dancing is my dream and we both know i'll go after it soon or later. 
     "That's graet. You get to reach your dream. We'll all miss you, but right now you have to go after it" said Niall coming forward and giving me a hug, i nodded as i burried my head in his chest.

    The rest of the day we just spent it packing, well by we i mean Niall and i. We now finished and were sitting on the couch in the living room, the others went out. "Niall" i said, he turned to me, "Will you go to London with me? I dont want to go alone" i said, he smiled and nodded, "Of course i will" he replied, i smiled at him and involved him into a hug.

  This was certainly a HUGE change in my life, first someone loves me and i love them back. And now i get a chance in going after  my dream.
  I know it means not spending that much time with Niall and rarely seeing my family, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?!!



      Hey guys, its just a filler, and i'll post the new chapter in a few hours maybe tomorrow, we'll see if i have time. 
Love yo, BYE!! <3

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