What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


24. Half alive...





               I didnt change. I stayed in the same outfit. After early lunch i packed my bag, since my clothes were in everywhere.
It was finally time to leave to the airport. I grabbed my stuff and made my way to reception. "Um..I'd like to check out please" i said politely handing the guy my room keys then my credit card.
"Can you also give these to Liam Payne? He should be here soon" i said, he nodded and put my car keys to the side with a note with Liam's name on it.
I quickly dialed Liam, he picked up after two rings. "Hi" i said coldly, "Cia, i was worried" he sighed in relief. "Im fine, can you go to the hotel downtown? My car is there, just tell the receptionist your first and last name and he'll give you the keys." i said and hung up.
Yes i know he's my brother, and i know he cares, or at least tries to.

I stopped a car and put my case in the trunk and climbed into the passengers seat.
The ride was slow, and London was 2 hours away. It was honestly horrible.
We were getting closer to London, i sighed in relief. They'll never be able to catch me, i honestly dont even know why i stayed in Wolverhampton in the first place.

I was deep in thought. But my train of thoughts by a loud car horn. I looked in front of me to find a huge truck heading full speed at the car. My eyes widened, but i couldn't bring myself to say a word or even move. Next thing you know the car flipped and everything went black.

*Niall's POV*

Cia ran out so fast i couldn't follow her. After she did, Liam turned to me and punched me in the face. Ok, i deserve it, so i didn't fight back. I didn't care anymore, it was no use, i just had nothing to fight for.
She was gone and never coming back. I knew that for a fact. I mean it took me so long to convince her to just talk to Liam, let alone forgive him.
"YOU DICK!!! HOW COULD YOU?! I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY SISTER!!" yelled Liam as he punched me a few more times in the face, he puffed the air out of his lungs and stood up, then walked up to his room.
I just stayed on the floor for some more time.

~Next morning, it's already the next day on Acacia's POV~

I read the article about Cia beating up Jade in front of the local bar. It was actually scary how strong she is. I mean she wanted to hit me, but Jade got it instead, or Jade said something to her, she loves making others feel bad and playing with their feelings, weather it was hurting them or opening up a wound.
I sighed as i threw the magazine on the table and walked out for a walk.

~Evening of the same day~
"Niall Horan?" asked a female voice over the phone. "Yes" i replied, "The London Hospital would like you and Mr.Payne to come. It's about Miss.Payne" she said, "Ok, we're on our way" i replied and hung up.
"LIAM!!" i yelled, "WHAT??" he yelled back, he was still mad at me. Wouldn't blame him thought.
"Cia's in the hospital, we have to go" i panicked once realization hit  me. His eyes widened and he ran out with me after him. "Where?" he asked starting up the car. "London" i replied, he nodded and we drove off.
The drive was silent with thick tension in the air. Something i've expected to happen...'

*Cia's POV*
It was so dark it's scary. but yet it was so peaceful in here. I want to stay here forever, but something seems wrong. It doesn't feel right. Then again i never felt anything is right.....
A cold breeze made me shiver slightly, it felt good though, i felt nice and peaceful. Am i dead?! I dont think so, because if you die you're either in hell or heaven, and by the huge number of sins i've commit, im sure going to hell,  im 210% sure of that.
I felt someone's hand on mine, it felt warm compared to mine. But i shrugged the feeling off. I didnt want to feel. I mean i know where im ending up but still anywhere is better than where i was. Sure my career was about to take off, since Mick, my manager, had booked me a million auditions to dance shows.
But i couldn't care less right now. All i wanted to do was disappear. Was it that much to ask?!!

*Niall's POV*
It's been a month, she hasn't woken up, and i was in a complete mess. I spent every single day by her side, i only went back to the hotel to shower and change into fresh clothes. That's it, nothing more...

Doctors say if she doesn't wake up they'll have to turn off her life support. I want her to wake up, i need her to wake up. She has to, i need her. She cant leave me here, she's my other half. My everything, my angel.

"Mr.Horan, you must leave. We need to run some more tests" said that doctor as he walked in, i nodded and went to the hall.
As soon as i walked out i heard her heart monitor beep! I rushed to the door but it was blocked, the doctor gave me a sympathetic look as the nurses rushed in.
At this point i was pushing, yelling and screaming. I wanted to be near her, i had to......



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