What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


7. Disaster Dinner


       *Acacia's POV*

    Its been a week now, me and Liam have been spending more time than before, the lads are nice. I'm really close to Louis now, he's hilarious, and we might have pranked the others a few times :D

    "So, what are we doing today?" asked Perrie, i recently got to know the girls they are really nice, but they're also trying to get me to wear dresses from time to time, which is NEVER gonna happen.  "How about we go shopping, Acacia needs a wardrobe upgrade" smirked El, "No i dont" i said quickly, i HATE shopping unless its for shoes. Liam smirked too, "I think its a great idea. Maybe you can get a couple dresses" he said, "But i hate dresses" i groaned "Is that a face that cares" said Dani waving her hand around her 'i dont care' facial expression before pulling me off the couch and dragging me out the door with the rest while i yelled and screamed and kicked.

    "No" said El, i picked out a simple knee length black strapless dress, i rolled my eyes and got back into the changing room when Dani handed me another dress. So far we got three dresses each, none was my choice, the girls got alot of heels and made grab at least one pair. We also got some jewelry, and i got five pairs of high tops. What?! I love high tops.
   I put on the dress that Dani handed me and walked out, the girls gasped, "You look amazing" they squealed in unison, i chuckled, never knew looking good in a dress could make them so happy....Oh well.

   "Acacia, get dressed we're going out for dinner" said Liam, i got up and was about walk up the stairs when Zayn stopped, "Dress formal, we're going somewhere fancy" he smirked as i groaned, they must be kidding me...
    I showered and put on one of the new dresses i got. It was a blue strapless knee length dress, black sparkly heels and a black clutch. I had my hair curled up in loose curls, a bit of mascara and lip gloss and i was ready! 
"Acacia in a dress" fake gasped Lou as i walked down the stairs causing everyone to laugh, Niall was staring with his mouth open "Niall buddy, close your mouth or you'll catch flies" i laughed as he snapped out of it.

   "What would you like to order?" asked a terrible looking waitress at some Italian restaurant i didnt pay attention to the name of it, she had WAYY too much make up on, and her boobs were hanging out of her uniform top, her fake blonde hair hanging loosely on her back, she actually reminded my of someone. I glanced at her name tag and it hit me like a tidal wave. MANDY!

   I hid my face with the menu as everyone else ordered, one thought hang in my mind 'please dont see me' but we all know being in public with the lads and the girls that's never gonna come true "Acacia what do you want?" asked Liam taking away my menu, i glanced at Mandy who smirked evilly, oh uh...
"I'll have the Chicken Parmesan" i said as sweetly as i could, which didnt work out very well, she nodded and walked off. I took a large sip from my water and began to fiddle with my fingers, Liam looked at e concerned but i just gave him a fake reassuring smile.

    Soon the food was here and my gut was telling me that something bad's gonna happen. And as usual it was right.
Mandy dumped Liam's spaghetti all over my head, a gasp escaped my lips as it swiftly slid down to my shoulder, i got up , took my glass of water and walked after her dumping it all over her fake face, she gasped as her make up started wearing off, i smirked and turned around ready to go back to our table, but she took the slice of cake from one of the tables and launched it at me, my whole back was covered with chocolate cake including my hair. So being me! I took off my shoes and jumped her, she groaned in pain as her back hit the carpeted floor, and i sent my fest flying to her face, she groaned as she touched her cheek with her hand and pushed me off of her, i stumbled but kept standing on my feet, she came close to me and slapped me, ok that hurt, but i sent another punch towards her face, she clutched her stomach but then she grabbed me hair and started pulling it, she even fights like a wimp, no surprise, she let go and then kneed me in the stomach and punched me in the nose, i stumbled as i stood up and gave her a nose bleed, then walked off.

   "Well, that was fun" said Harry crossing his arms, "What else was i supposed to do?" i protested, but winced in pain as the girls cleaned up my cuts, "Cant you just let it go for once" said Liam, i stared at him in shock, i was about to protest but Niall cut in "I think that was awesome", Lou nodded in agreement and said "She started it, so its her fault" i smiled at them, but then winced in pain. "Why did she do that anyway?" asked Perrie coming back with more alcohol pads for my cuts, "Her name's Mandy. She was my high school bully" i sighed, Liam's eyes widened, i nodded at him. 


Well, that was SHORT!!
At least i updated right??

i PROMISE the next one's gonna be longer!

xoxo, Nevin

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