What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!





          I dont know what we are, i mean we hang out and kiss pretty much all the time. But we're not even dating, we didnt even go on a date, yet! 
        I swallowed the last piece of my pizza and stood up, i rinsed my plate and was about to walk out of the kitchen, everyone was still eating and i was the only one done, Niall was sitting in the living room watching Family Guy. 
       I walked over him, and sat next to him. "Hi" i said, "you know we have to talk about this" he muttered. I nodded, "What does it make us?" i just had to ask, he turned to me, his blue eyes burning through my brown ones, i've taken off my contacts for just today, since we're not going anywhere, at least not any time soon, "I dont know" he said, his voice felled with confusion just like mine. We were both confused about what we were, because best friends dont kiss, they dont cuddle or anything like that. Did i want to be more than just some friend? DUH!! 
    I actually think i started developing  feelings for Niall. He just makes me feel so happy, so safe, and untouchable, every time im around him, i feel this  weird feeling in my stomach, in a good way, it was actually a pleasant feeling....and i liked every second of it.

    "I mean we dont act like we're just friends anymore" i trailed off, he nodded in response. "I think i could change that" he said, i looked at him confused, "What do you mean?" i asked, he stood up and made me stand up too. He was standing infront of me, and since i was shorter than him, i had to look up to meet his eyes, he took a deep breath, "Acacia Payne, will you go on a date with me?" he asked, his face was turning slightly red, i smiled widely and nodded hugging him in response, he let out the breath he was holding in relief. "When?" i asked as we stood there hugging, it's gonna be awkward if someone walked in on us :P  "How about today, at 7. Dress fancy" he said, i chuckled, "Only cuz its you" i replied breaking the hug as he laughed knowing i hate getting all dressed up. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the girls dragging them to my room, they all looked at me in a 'what the hell look', i rolled my eyes, "I cant believe im doing this, but i need your help. I've got a date with Niall in 4 hours" i said, they smiled widely and El pushed me into my closet, "Get dressed we're going dress shopping" she said, "But we already got like 3 dresses last week" i whined, "They're so last year" she replied before shutting the door. I grabbed a pair of bleached shorts, white Supra's, a BOTDF (blood on the dance floor) t shirt. I quickly brushed my hair and let it fall as it usually is, it was still red, but i was thinking of dying it some other color, maybe after the summer holidays... 

      "How's this?" asked Perrie showing me a pink knee length dress which had a sparkled belt, i shook my head no "Too pink" i said, she rolled her eyes and put it back. "This?" asked Dani, i shook my head no, it was WAY too short. "I give up, you pick one" said El throwing her hands in the air. I sighed and walked around the store until i found an awesome beige one shoulder dress that reached to my thigh, it was so cute i just had to buy it :D
   "This" i smirked showing it to the girls, they squealed as they saw it, we payed and went to get a pair of matching shoes.

    "I'll do your make up, Dani will do your hair, and Perrie will do her favorite nails " smirked El as they made me put on the dress and beige high heels that were a bit too high for me, but the girls said i'd manage. They all started to work on me, i was honestly a bit nervous about all this, i mean i actually have real feelings for him, that was something i've never expected, i never thought i'd be able to have feelings for someone anymore.
 Yes, there's a reason i used to date guys without having feelings for them, but i dont want to think about it now, i sighed as i pushed all these thoughts to the back of my mind, and focused on tonight.

    "Done" smiled perrie, i had my nails french, as for make up, El put me some light pink lip gloss, golden eyes shadow and a bit of mascara and eye liner, which looked amazing with my now blue eyes, as for hair, it was curled in really loose curls with a braid on the back of my head letting the rest of my hair fall, she also put me a flowery head band thingy that i dont know the name of :P  "Oh my god! Thanks guys" i squealed and hugged each one of them tightly, "Now go. Your prince charming is waiting" smiled Perrie pushing me playfully out of the room, i felt my cheeks reden when she called Niall my prince charming, i cant argue with that one, he really did have this magical charm on me.

    I carefully walked down the stairs, so i wont fall and i knew that'll happen soon or later.....
Niall was standing there wearing a tux, damn he looked so freakin hot! I just stood there looking at him, it was like im in some kind of trance, i finally snapped out of it when he noticed my staring. I cracked a smile when his jaw hit the floor, it was pretty fun, but yet cute. 
    He snapped out of it and said "You look amazing" these few words made  me smile, usually when a guy would compliment me they'd just look at my body, but Niall never did, even if i was in sweats and mascara was running down my face he'd still call me beautiful, he never cared how i look or what i'm wearing because he'd always say im beautiful. And it honestly felt amazing when it came from someone who cares...

    "Niall, dont stare at her" we heard Liam's voice coming from the living room, he blushed and looked down, embarrassed by my brothers words, "Sorry" he mumbled causing Liam to chuckle and come over to the hall way, "You look amazing sis" he smiled at me and then turned to Niall, "Bgring her home by 11, if not we'll have to talk" he said in a REALLY serious way, Niall nodded his head scared of Liam's tone. Suddenly Liam started laughing, and then said "Dude, im sorry for scaring you like this. But seriously, be home by 11 and no funny business. I mean it mister", then he turned to me "You too missy" he said tapping my nose and kissing me on the forehead like a caring brother would.


Who's excited for their date?!! 
I REALLY need your help here, i dont know much nice restaurants to eat in, like really fancy one's so, if you know any just post a comment so i could use the name in the next update :D
LOVE YOU <3<3<3 and THANKS for the support :D

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