What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


12.! (part2)



          We arrived at the La Bruscetta. Its a fancy Italian restaurant. I remember this place because  Liam took Dani there like a week ago and i kinda sorta maybe heard his conversation with Niall after Niall asked me out...What?! I had to know how to dress.
          He opened the door for me just as i was about to do that, "Why thank you" i smiled. He took my hand and we headed to the entrance. There was a young lady at the reception, she looked really nice, minimum amount of make up, nice outfit, and a pearly white smile. "Name please" she said politely, "Niall Horan" he replied, she nodded grabbing two menus and leading us to our table, the place was really fancy, it actually kindda reminded me of Italy, it was all Italian style, even the music was in Italian, which added up perfectly with the whole theme.

        We looked through the menu, it was funny because i wasnt able to read anything, the names were also in Italian, so i just chose randomly and put it on the table, "What are you ordering?" asked Niall putting his one down, "The second one" i replied. He chuckled "Couldn't read the names?" he asked, as i chuckled lightly, "Not at all" i replied, just as the same girl came, "Turned out im your waitress for tonight, so what would you like to order?" she said nicely, im starting to like this girl, plus she hasnt even looked at Niall in a flirty way not even once, which made it just perfect. Because, i seriously dont want to repeat what happened the other night when we all went out to eat...

     "We'll have two of the Paillard Di Pollo. And for drinks we'll have Nero d'Avola." he said smiling, she nodded and walked away. "Nice accent" i complimented him, he blushed a little, "Aww, my Nialler's blushing" i chuckled, he stuck his tongue out but blushed harder! 

     "MAN! This is amazing!" i said taking another bite from my food, Niall nodded in agreement, suddenly a slow song played in english, well they're all slow songs just not in english. It was 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran, Niall smiled as he stood up and stretched out his hand for me to take it, "Can i have this dance?" he asked, hope filled his voice. I smiled and got up. 
    He put his hands on my waist while i wrapped mine around his neck. And we danced to the song. After the song was finished Niall started leaning in, and i was too. And BOOM! The fire works and butterflies went off in my stomach. Something i've never felt with anyone but Niall, i cant believe im saying this, but i think i dont just like like Niall, i think im in love with him!!!

   "Acacia William Payne, well you do the honor of being my girlfriend" he asked nervously as he took my hand in his, i squealed and got up to hug him. He just asked me that infront of EVERYONE in the restaurant, "So that's a yes" he chuckled, i nodded in response.


     We walked into the house hand in hand, his hand felt so warm, it felt nice. But what would Liam say? Would he be fine with it? I mean they're best friends after all....
    "You're..." Liam stopped in mid sentence when he saw our hands, the girls broke out into smiles knowing what's going on, while the lads looked at Liam to see his reaction, my body tensed up a bit as Liam was about to speak, Niall must have felt it because he started making circles on my hand with his thumb, i relaxed a bit. but was still tensed.

    Liam broke into a smile and came up to us, he hugged Niall first and whispered something to him causing Niall to nod, then he hugged me "If you break his heart, i'll never talk to you ever again, understood?" he whispered to me, i nodded. He wasnt afraid that something's gonna happen  to me, he was being protective over niall and i knew exactly why..

    Niall let go of my hand, kissed me on the cheek and walked to his room to change, i was about to do the same but the girls grabbed me running up the stairs, they locked my bedroom door and squealed, "WHAT HAPPENED?!! SPILL NOW!!" squealed El, i told them how the whole date went and they squealed again, "If you keep squealing i might lose my hearing!" i yelled, they chuckled and Perrie said "Sorry, its just so freakin cute!" i chuckled at her response and went into my closet to change.
    I put on a wild fox pink sweat shirt and rolled its sleeves, a pair of  Juicy Couture black shorts, grey anchor ankle socks, and a grey beanie over my messed up hair, which i didnt care about at the moment and got out. I grabbed my laptop and sat down on my bed, "Nice laptop cover" said Dani, "Thanks" i replied, it was a cute bat. I love that sticker, even if it makes me look like a little kid :P LOL

    I checked my tumblr, nothing. Youtube, NOTHING. Twitter, ALOT!! 
 There were pictures of me and Niall already! My face didnt show but there sure was ALOT!! 
"Shit!" i muttered as i looked through the endless amount of pictures, Dani glanced over my shoulder, her face fell. Now the four of us were looking at each other with pale faces. "If they found out it's me, im gonna die" i said, they wrapped me in  a tight group hug. "What if they found out? They're gonna hate me! I mean even Liam hated how i look and the stuff i do and it all pissed him off. What if they say im not good enough for Niall? Or they find out about my past and assume he means nothing to me?! What if.." El cut me off, "Relax, they wont find out" it made me relax a bit, "Not soon anyway" mumbled Perrie earning a hit from Dani when she noticed my face falling again. 

    "Ok, relax. Just go to bed, and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Ok?" said Dani trying to calm me down. I nodded and climbed under the sheets. "Good girl." she said, i chuckled and they left.
    Soon i felt myself drifting off to sleep...







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