What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


23. cute dates and heart breaks.




So i've been working HARD on this so i hope you like it.

    We finally set up  the blanket and the food. then Cher smirked at us as she pulled out her phone.  "Hi Jake.", "Is she awake?", "Oh great. Can you tell her to wear something nice? And then you both meet us at Central park", "Great" she smirked as she hung up. 
"Done. Now all we have to do is wait" she said as she sat down, we did the same thing.

Soon Jake and Cleo were in the park. They were looking for us, so Madi grabbed my arm and ran towards them. Cleo looked really pretty, she was wearing a dark grey Holister shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, pink and black high tops, a pink and black varsity jacket and her pink Beats, her hair was wavy, with side bangs. It wasn't really dateish, but she looked cute. 
As for Jake, he was in a white v-neck, black jeans, signature black vans, and his favorite grey beanie. He looked hot!! 
What?!! It's true...Dont judge.

"Hey" chirped Madi in a cheery voice as we stood infront of the soon-to-be-couple. "Hi" said Cleo awkwardly. Me and Madi dragged them to where the picnic was set up, which was under a HUGE tree. 
When Cleo gasped when she saw it, we slowly backed away and then made a run for it to the tour bus since the others left when me and Madi went to get the couple. 

It was 7pm and they arent back yet, probably making out on the picnic blanket. I chuckled at the thought, they'd never do that. Cleo is too shy to do that in public. 
I was going through my twitter when Cher walked in, she had a sad look in her usually cheery eyes. I looked at her concerned, "Cher bear, you alright?" i asked, she nodded. "Yes, but you may not" she said, hesitation in her voice, as if she's afraid to break me or something. 
"What do you mean? Im fine" i said, she went out of the game room, which was in the back of the bus, she came back with a bunch of magazines and her lap top, she set everything on the table.

Tears ran down my face as i read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE online and in the magazines. 
It all said one thing.
Niall Horan 1/5 of One direction, and boyfriend of Cher Lloyd's back up dancer and Liam Payne's twin sister Acacia Payne caught cheating with 19-year-old 1/4 of Little Mix Jade Thirlwall. 

Reports say that the teen heart-throb and actress were spotted having a heated make out session in Keera Knightly's London Party. They seemed highly into it. 
They were also spotted leaving the party hand in hand.
But what well the young dancer say? And does Liam payne know about the 'kiss'.And what would be Miss payne's reaction once she find out??
 Let's all hope it all goes well. 
Stay tuned for more info about the celebrity couple.

I was in tears, i didnt know what to think. I mean i know i shouldn't believe the paps, but this got to me. Cher gave me a sympathetic look. 
"I need to be alone" i said as i stormed into the room where i sleep. I got into my bunk, put on my head phones and blasted the music loudly as i just lied there staring at the ceiling, since i had the top bunk while the others had the rest.

The next day i woke up looking and feeling horrible. My heat ached, i trusted him more than anyone, even more than my own brother. He knows everything about me, he even knows why i hated Liam so darn much when he came back. I just cant believe out of all people he'd do that. 
I needed to return and i had to spit every thought i had about this right in his face. I got up and ran to the bathroom. 
After cleaning up i put on this and walked out of the room, my suitcase was already packed as we had to do that yesterday morning because we're arriving at Union city.  We had one week off here before the concert and then two more cities and back to LA for the last concert on tour. 

I grabbed a paper and a pen and wrote a quick note for the girls so they wont get worried. 
A walked out and caught a taxi to the airport. 

The wait in the airport was agonizing, it felt like something's eating me alive. 
i dont even know if i should do this, but i am. I have to know the truth. That's just the kind of person i am.
"Flight 39022 from Union City USA to London, England boarding at gate B" the announcer said cutting my train of thoughts in half. 
I grabbed my back pack and walked towards Gate B. That's it!

I walked out of the airport. It was 6pm in London. Perfect timing. I stopped a taxi and headed home. They're probably there, well most likely. 

Just as i expected, they were all here. The lads and the girls. 
I dropped my suitcase and back pack near the door and walked in. Dani was passed out on the couch in the living room. El and Lou could be heard from upstairs, they were probably playing video games and El was winning so Lou was yelling that she somehow cheated in it...
Harry was probably not even here, he's usually never around at this time. Zayn is most likely sleeping, since i remember him taking naps around this time. And then there's Niall and Liam, yelling at each other, more like cursing out each other. 
"GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE YOU SLUT!!!!" i yelled. Niall and Liam ran down the stairs, "Cia, what are you doing here?? asked Liam, Niall was behind him wide eyed. I grabbed the magazine from my back pack and threw it at Niall's face, "You want to explain this?! You motherfucker!!" i yelled, he looked at me with sad eyes, they were full of sadness and regret. 
"I....i.." i cut him off, "You cheated!!" i yelled, anger in my voice, i hated his guts right now, just because they were full of regret, and you regret something if you did it wrong. 
"I hate you! How could you do this to me?! i thought you cared! But you dont! You're a cheater, a liar, i dont wanna see you ever again!!" i yelled at him, "I thought you loved me but you're nothing but a two timing cheater!!" i yelled again.  "I'm....i'm...sorry" he said, it sounded more like a whisper.  "Me too! We're over" i said and stormed out taking my stuff with me, and taking my car keys from the key hanger near the front door.
I drove to a nearby hotel because my flight back wasn't until tomorrow evening. I checked in and went up to my room.
I took a relaxing shower and put on this and walked out into the warm Wolverhampton air. Not much people were in the streets, and no one seemed to notice who i am, which is good. 
I was standing in front of a bar. I haven't drank in a while, and now i have a pretty good excuse. and just as i was about to walk in, little miss jade walked out with her band mates. I rolled my fists angrily so i wont hit her right in her perfect little face. When i thought i could only be this angry at Liam when he got into my business, you should've seen my face right now. I mean i could chock her and wont even regret it or take a second thought about it....

She was laughing along with Jessy, or what ever her name is. I walked up to them and pushed the bitch, she stumbled back a little, first she looked at my confused as to why i pushed her, then she smirked. 
"Oh it's you" she said still smirking, oh that smirk is gonna fall off your face in a matter of seconds. 
"It is me" i said through gritted teeth. She smirked, "You know..."she trailed off, "Me and Niall had a great time at that party" the smile didnt leave her face once. I clinched my fist and slapped her. She gasped holding her cheek, "how dare you! You little slut!" she gasped as she slapped me, i pushed her, she stumbled and this time fell, so i took a chance and kicked her in the rib. 
She got up holding on to her hip. i might have bruised it for her...SO NOT SORRY!
She then punched me in the stomach, and that's when i started throwing punches at her, and it all went down hill, and to make it worse the paps were EVERYWHERE!!!

~Next morning, 9am~
I groaned as i got out of bed. I only remember some stuff from last night. I remember the paps, beating up Jade, getting a split lip, and jade's band mates pulling me off of her. I do remember her bloody face, and her blood stained white top, maybe i took it too far yesterday, but she pushed me to it....
I washed up and put on this and went to have some breakfast at the hotel restaurant. 
I ate just a little, i didnt feel like eating. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry a river. But im not doing that, he's not worth it.
Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, i love him to the moon and back,  but im not doing anything. Because he hurt me, and im sure my feelings for him will go away soon.
I finished and went back to my room. As i walked to the left (elevator in British). I had 45 missed calls, and 40 messages from Niall. Liam had only called once, since he knows, he shouldn't push it when im angry because im hurt.




Cleo's oufit



the picnic

Cia's 1st outfit




Cia's 2nd oufit


Cia's 3rd outfit




the magazine picture







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