What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


4. Butterflies?!!




         Me and Liam haven't talked to each other in a week....He would give me pained looks from time to time. Like two days ago at the dinner table, he'd mouth 'i'm sorry' i'd just shrug it off and continue eating whatever mom cooked.
I haven't gone out partying also for a whole week, my life felt kind of useless like that. Liam was always the one who got the  attention, he was always the talented one and the straight A student. As for me, there was a lack of attention a child needs from their parents, but my parents wouldn't get that, i'm too much trouble to be understood...
       I've become extremely close with Niall this past week, which is the only highlight in my life right now. He's funny, caring, extremely sweet and just fun to be around. Usually we'd have these eating contests where i always lose, i actually met  a person who can eat much more than me, it was ironic to be honest...

      "Come on Cia (its pronounced See-uh), you'll have to talk to him soon or later" said Niall nudging me, i've forced him to watch some chick flick movies with me, he agreed once i told him i'd take him to Nando's later this evening. "No Niall. I'm not gonna talk to him" i said stubbornly crossing my arms over my chest, "Please...For me" he begged, i rolled my eyes "No amount of begging is gonna make me change my mind" i said, he sighed "Fine" and i focused my attention on the rest of the movie. I don't get how Regina George could be so mean and cold hearted, i thought to myself...   

     Me and Niall have been lying on my bed watching movies the whole day, i was honestly tired while he was totally caught up in Finding Nemo, "Niall, im starving can we go now" i whined, "Go get dressed" he said pushing me off the bed which led to me falling on the floor and that caused Niall to laugh "How mature" i muttered "Says the girl wearing a Barney t-shirt" he chuckled, i looked down at my pajama shirt  "You leave Barney out of this" i pointed at him giving him a playful glare. "Seriously, go change" he chuckled pushing me into my huge walk in closet. 
    I looked for something 'appropriate' to wear, i finally decided to put on a pair of bleached skinny jeans, a Blood On The Dance Floor blue fan t-shirt and my low chuck taylors that looked like the one's Harry usually wears. I put my hair in a pony tail and put on a bunch of random bracelets on my arm before walking out. 

   "What. No crop top?" chuckled Niall, i chuckled and said "Im not feeling like it today", he nodded and we walked down the stairs. Well, he walked i jumped from one stair to another like a five year old. "Where are you going?" asked Lou once i reached the end of the stairs, Niall was already there. "NANDO'S!" me and Niall yelled in unison, he chuckled and went back to cuddling with El.

   Forgot to tell you, Ruth and Nicola are on vacation with mom, they decided to ditch me...While dad is on a business trip. Then we have Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie, who are staying for a while with us. And trust there's nothing fun in having breakfast in the kitchen while Liam and Danielle are making out right in front of you, its just disgusting, im starting to feel he's doing it on purpose.

    "I'll take a Double Chicken Breast Burger please" i said polity, the really nice waitress who i was on the verge of killing nodded adding a fake smile. Since we came in, she's been flirting with Niall, this is just getting on my nerves...
Wait! Why?! Could i have feelings for my brothers best friend? No no no! I shook these thoughts out of my head as Niall took his time to order half the menu. "You sure you wont explode?" i chuckled as he was about to finish ordering, he shot me a playful glare. 

    "So, what are you gonna do about the whole Liam situation?" asked Niall biting his burger, "I dont wanna talk about it. I mean he basically ruined my social life" i groaned, Niall gave me a weak smile, "Ok, lets eat and get out of here. I have a feeling there will be a fan attack soon" he said causing me to chuckle lightly.
   It was true, in the few times i've been here with Jake and Austin alot of teenage girls have been asking if i saw Niall Horan in here, so it was not safe for him to be anywhere around this restaurant....

    We finished eating, and asked for the bill, the waitress was still flirting with Niall, but he didnt seem to notice, i pulled out my credit card and was about to hand it to her but Niall grabbed it and threw it across the room which meant i had to get up and get it, and that gave him enough time to pay....I will get my revenge..

     "I want to take you somewhere" he said taking my hand softly in his, i felt a tingle of electricity go through my body, but it felt good. The only thing i dont understand is WHY?!!
      He led me to the park, and we just walked aimlessly around. "I'm starting to think its just an excuse so you could hold my hand" i said after a while, he chuckled, i could see his cheeks redden, i was right. "You know you could've just said so" i said finally, he looked up at me and smiled.
    We spotted a fountain so Niall grabbed my hand a bit tighter and ran towards it. When we reached it i was out of breath "Why did we run?" i asked, she just shrugged. Then in a blink of an eye he threw me over his shoulder while i squealed and yelled at him to put me down and threw into the fountain!
I got up and walked to the edge where Niall was standing laughing at me, i smirked and stretched my hand "Mind getting me out of here?" i asked, he also stretched his hand and i pulled him in. "Who's wet now!" i smirked, "Me AND you" he laughed, "I knew that" i said pretending that i did. 

        We came back home laughing, we were soaking wet, "That was so much fun" i laughed he nodded, we were splashing each other like 5-year-olds. Liam came to the front door, his eyes widened once he saw us, "What happened?" he asked, Dani came from behind him and gasped when she saw us "I'll go get towels" she said and ran off. "We were skinny dipping in the park" i laughed remembering Katy Perry's lyrics for Last Friday Night, his eyes became even bigger which made me augh even harder "Relax mate, we went to the park and got wet from the fountain" said Niall, Liam relxed a bit, he would totally believe his best friend over his careless sister. "Im going to change" i muttered and rushed up the stairs.



     So what do you think?!! 
Hope you liked it, i had fun writing it :P 
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