What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


6. Brother sister day! Or third wheel?!!


          I got up and checked the time. 9am, too early, i was about to go back to sleep but Liam burst into the room and yelled "Wake up you lazy bum!" i jumped out of my bed, but fell face first. I groaned in pain while he just chuckled "Wow, you're such a nice brother" i said, note the sarcasm. He chuckled and said "Just get ready, we're going swimming." and with that he left the room. I put on a stripped bikini, and threw on a pair of distressed denim shorts, a white racerback jersey tank, and my black pasrty sneakers. I put a pair of black flip flops in my striped back pack and some jewelry on.

       "Liam, im ready!" i yelled as i ran down the stairs excitedly, "Ready to go where?" i heard Nialls voice come from the living room, Liam came out of the kitchen glaring at me. " and Liam are hanging out today" i said, as he already knows something, "Can i come?" he asked with pleading eyes, Liam was still angry, but i couldnt say no to Niall especially after he hung out with me while i ignored Liam.... "Um, sure. But get some swimming trunks" i said, he nodded and ran off to his room.
       "Nice going" he muttered, "Dude, chill! We're still gonna have fun!" i said, "Where are we going anyway?" i added, "I thought we'd go to a beach, but not in Wolverhampton. So we're gonna drive to London, trip is 131 miles" he said, "How much do i have to stay in a car?" i asked, "About 2 and an a half hours without traffic" he replied, after taking a minute to think. I groaned as Niall rushed downstairs with a back pack on his back. 

     "Liam! I need to pee!" i whined, he rolled his eyes, Niall was asleep but i just woke up "Just hold it! We're gonna be there in like 5 minutes" he replied, i groaned but didn't argue.
      We finally got to the beach, the place was beautiful! Clear water, not much people, in fact there was no one there but us. The wind was warm and it was sunny.
    "NO!!!" i squealed, Niall decided it would be funny to throw my into the water while i just wanted to play some volley ball, which they suck at! He laughed as he threw me in, i surfaced and said "Im gonna get you for this", he just shrugged. Liam was pretty angry since this morning when i let Niall come with us, i guess his brother sister day plan didnt work out very well...

      "So, when are we eating?" i asked, "Get dressed and we'll go, then we have to head home" replied Liam looking at his watch. The beach was near a hotel so we booked a room. I had a shower and put on the outfit i had on this morning.
    "Thaknks Li, i had alot of fun" i smiled eating my salad, "You're welcome" he smiled back, but i could totally tell something's up. "I dont get it. You're already skinny, so why eat salad?" asked Niall, i chuckled "Its called eating healthy" he nodded slowly "I hate healthy" he muttered "I could tell" i said pointing at his cheese burger, he chuckled.

    "Im so tired" i yawned on our way to the car "You can take a nap in the car" mumbled Liam, what's up with him?!! 
I sat in the back while Niall sat in the passengers seat and Liam drove, the ride was silent, awkward silent, so i grabbed my ipod and put 21 guns by Green Day on full volume and lied down. Before i knew it, i was already dozed off.


    *Liam's POV*

  "Man, im sorry" apologized Niall after Acacia has fallen asleep, i glanced at him not knowing why. "I know i shouldn't have intruded your brother sister day, and im sorry" he said, i just nodded.
  Truth is i am a bit pissed off, i mean it was supposed to be a brother sister day but it turned into a Niall Acacia day with Liam as a third wheel....

   "Its cool" i finally spoke up, i couldnt be mad at Niall. I mean sometimes he could be really clueless... He smiled at me and i couldn't resist the urge to smile back, that's how it is, no one can stay mad at Niall for long, even if we wanted to. I just dont want him to fall for her and then she'd just break his heart....



     Sorry i havent updated in AGES!! I was REALLY BUSY with homework and stuff, plus i got my report card and my grades are getting low so yeah...

   Sorry again and hope you like it..
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