What will happen after Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall find out that Liam has a TWIN SISTER that he was keeping as a secret?!!


19. another filler





 "Ok! This is our first concert on tour, how are you feeling?" asked Madi, "Freaked out" i replied causing her and the others to chuckle. "Dont be, just remember to dance your little heart out" said Cleo tapping my nose, i nodded. Cleo is the oldest among us (the dancers) so she's the responsible one and she also keeps us in order, since im like the worst child EVER!! Haha, but im fun.

             "Girls, here are your outfits, go change. We don't have much time left" said Jade, our stylist, handed us the clothes and walked out.
"Lets hope we dont look like clowns" i said making the four of them laugh, i chuckled and went to change. 
I looked at myself in the mirror, wow. I look actually good. My outfit was pretty simple, but cute. It was an off-white tank with a red broken heart on it with a pair of jean short shorts, as for shoes i had red hightop Chuck Taylors on. 

            I walked back into the hair and make up room, where we were originally sitting. The girls looked amazing. Cleo was wearing a plain black tank, washed shorts and black chuck Taylors (also hightop). Emma had a cute ploral tank on and jean shorts with beach glass color Chuck Taylors. Dana was in a light blue tank, washed jean shorts with studds, and white/gray studded chuck taylors. As for Madi she was in a colorful tank, dark blue jean shirts and blue chuck taylors. 

         "Ok girls, lets get started" Jade clapped her hands as she walked in and started doing our hair. We didnt put any make up on, because 1st we'll be sweaty after this and we just said not to put us any of that. 
We ended up with out hair the same way, wavy and down. Except for Dana who argued with Jade until Jade gave up and made her hair into a braided bun. 



     The show was great, i danced better than i ever did. And the fans were so sweet. Cher was proud of us, which was AMAZING. "I need a shower" i whined as we walked across the parking lot to the tour bus. "Shut up Cia, we all do" chuckled Cher, i playfully glared at her, all 6 of us have become real close, and that's why Cher requested that we all go on the same bus, because usually the dancers go with the rest of the crew. 

    "I call first" i yelled when we walked in, everyone groaned as i stuck my tongue out. I went to my bunk and picked out a pair of grey sweat pants and a pink off the shoulder shirt, then headed to the bathroom.      
    I tried to be as fast as possible so the others would get to shower too, so i was done after about 15 minutes. World record. I put on my clothes and put my hair in a messy bun after drying it. I walked out and sat on the floor, because i felt like it. "Took you long enough" said Dana, "For your information. It was the fastest shower i've ever had" i said in a sasay tone, "It's true" said Cher, she knows since i lived in her house before the tour.



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