Sorry changed the tittle the last tittle was. I don't know how to love.


3. Sam.

Ella's POV:


After I got home, I called Sam, my boyfriend. "Hello?" he said. "Hey Sam." I said. "Hey babe club tonight?" He asked, with that question, I knew that he didn't know about the kiss. "Sure." I said. "Ok pick you up at 8." he said and hung up, it was already 6, so i started getting ready. I decided to wear a hot pink and black tight dress with black high heels, then I heard a honk outside.


Zayn's POV:


I was watching TV when I heard a honk across the street, I looked outside the window and across the street there was a red convertible with a guy in the drivers seat. Out of the house i saw Ella coming out in a hot pink and black dress with black shoes. She got into the car and disappeared. I went to my room and changed my shirt, I grabbed my car keys and followed the red convertible. The red convertible stopped at a club, I slowed down behind them. Ella and the guy got off the car and went in the club, so then I did the same.


Sam's POV:


When we got to the club I told Ella to go get us a drink. When she left I went to the motel next door an asked for a room then walked back to the club. I met up with Ella and we started drinking our beers. After that we danced and started making out, my hands made their way down to her bum, she put her hands on top of mine and took them off her bum, we were still making out when we got out of the club, she started making her way to the car but I pulled her over to the motel.


Zayn's POV:


I followed them out of the club and to the motel. They weren't breaking the kiss when they got to the elevator, I got on the elevator that was after them. When I got down of the elevator I heard screaming in a room. I knocked on the door of that room, no one opened, so I kicked it open.


Sam's POV:


When we got to the motel room I started sucking her neck. "Sam, stop." Ella said. I didn't stop. "Sam I don't want to do this!" She said. "So you want to do it with the new guy???" I said with anger. "What are you talking about?" She asked. "I know you kissed him I saw a picture." I said and I started raping her. "You little slut." I said. She started screaming, seconds later I heard a knock on the door, I ignored it, then the door swung open, Ella was shaking and half naked. I recognized the guy by the door, it was the same guy that was kissing Ella in the picture.

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