Sorry changed the tittle the last tittle was. I don't know how to love.


2. Getting to know each other.

Zayn's POV:


"Nice to meet you, I'm Ella" She said and smiled. I smiled back. "I'm just moving here. Ummm, I'm Zayn" I said nervously. "You already told me your name." She said and giggled. I looked down at Ricky, the dog.  I admit it, I liked her and I was going to tell her. "I like....." I froze. She looked confused, I just couldn't say it, so, I looked down at her dog, Ricky. "Your dog, I like your dog." I said as I looked up to her, she smiled and looked down at Ricky. "Thanks."  She said.




Ella's POV:


"Thanks" I said. I wanted to get to know him and I was going to ask him if he wanted to Yoyo's Yogurt Cafe with me but I got a text. I turned around and looked at my phone.                                                                                                                                   


Emily: Finals Tomorrow! GRRRR!

I turned off my phone and looked up, I turned aroundand Zayn's lips crashed with mine. We both stood there kissing. Even if I had a boyfriend, I couldn't help it. That's when my phone got a text again, I ignored it thinking it was Emily. When we awkwardly stopped kissing "So umm I got to keep helping my mom ummmm bye" Zayn said and walked away. I started walking home while I checked the text, that's when I froze. In the text, There was a picture, of me, and zayn, kissing!!!!! but no one was there. The text said "you kiss zayn, I tell sam. -?" I looked back at Zayn's house,scared. I ran to my house.



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