Sorry changed the tittle the last tittle was. I don't know how to love.


1. When I met her.....

(Zayn's POV):


    I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock, I looked at the date, 31/01/2012, oh great, it was moving day. I got up from bed and took a shower, I didn't really feel like dressing up today, so I decided to wear some grey sweat pants, a white T-shirt, and some black high tops. When I got dressed, I went back to the bathroom, washed my teeth and fixed my hair. I went downstairs and outside was my mom putting boxes into an U-haul truck, I picked up a box and headed outside.

*                                                                                                             *                                                                                                        *

    When we got to the new house I started taking the boxes out of the truck and into the new house's living room, once I was going back outside to get more boxes when I saw a big dalmatian running by the side walk with a leash on but no one holding the leash, that's when I heard a scream from behind me, "Ricky, come back Ricky!!!"


(Ella's POV):


   After taking a shower I decided to take Ricky, my dalmatian, out for a walk, so I got his leash and some bags, I put his leash on him, put the bags in my pocket, got the keys and walked out of the house. Once I locked the door I saw a U-haul truck in front of the house 1989 and then I realized that I wasn't holding Ricky's leash and then I saw Ricky heading to the U-haul truck. I  started running towards him, "Ricky, come back Ricky!!!!" I yelled, that's when Ricky sat down in front of the new kid. When I reached Ricky I got his leash, "Hi, I'm Zayn." I heard a voice say I looked up and there he was the new kid, Zayn. "Nice to meet you, I'm Ella" I said and smiled.









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