Zayn and I - Moments in time - Part 1

Robin didn't know what she was getting into when she accidentally fell in love with Zayn. She never knew a regular girl like her could ever be as beautiful to catch Zayn's eye. As secrets become revealed and friendships are broken, Robin isn't sure what is right or wrong.


1. Waking up in New York

Robin opened her eyes. She carefully inspected the semi-dark room around her. Oddly, she had no idea what had happened the last night. She looked next to her and saw a boy she did not recognize lying right next to her. Quickly, she realized she and the boy were both naked. She ran into the bathroom and changed into clothes she found on the foot of the bed. Robin had dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her mother used to tell her that her eyes were the color of the turqouise caribbean sea. As soon as she was changed she walked out the door. She appeared to be in an apartment building. Then, an elderly woman walked out the door and proceeded to speak with her, "Hello, what's your name? I haven't seen you around here before." She seemed to know the boy she had slept with. "Oh please, don't tell me your his..." She stopped there. Robin finished the lady's sentance, "Girlfriend? No no no. I barely know him." "Hooker!" The lady exclaimed half questioningly. "No, you misunderstood... We were at a party and... We got drunk..." She stopped there. The lady said, "Zayn... That is very unlike him. Just to bring a girl home..." "I'm
Terribly sorry but I must go." Said Robin. Robin sprinted down the stairs and out the complex doors. She took one glance and it caught her by surprise, "Oh shit, New York City."
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