Jade and Justin have a very happy settled life

They now want mini bieber's

But one thing changes there whole world... forever

she needs help from the person she loves most.

"Someday can be any day, live life like everyday is the last"


1. Someday


'damn she's a sexy chic..' I sang as I pulled into my long curvy drive way. In front of me is a 3 story house, mostly glass. Its got a swimming pool sauna, spa room, games room 3 guest bedrooms, my king size bedroom, and all the other main features you need in a house. Yes that's right. This building is my house, well I say mine but I actually share it with none other than 22 year old   pop sensation Justin Bieber who is also my boyfriend of 3 years. 


"anybody home" I shouted as I shut the door behind me. "hey baby" Justin said hugging me and nuzzling his face Into the side of my neck. "did you have a nice time at your mums? I missed you loads" he said kissing my lips lightly "god Justin you make it sound like I've been gone for a week. I've only been 3 hours" I laughed. "am I aloud to miss my gorgeous girlfriend nowadays?" He asked laughing. I just giggled and walked into the living room! "man I have a massive headache" I said as I took my sunglasses off my head. "have you taken anything" Justin asked "yeah" I replied laying down. He lifted up my head and sat down putting my head in his lap. "want me to massage your temples?" I nodded yes and smiled.


I opened my eyes and stared at the clock. It was 00:45. Justin arms were wrapped around me and I could feel his steady breathing on my neck and his chest slowly breathing in and out hitting my back every time. He was sleeping like a baby. I all of a sudden felt the need to puke so I quickly got out of justins arms and ran to the bathroom. "I think you have the bug or something" Justin said running my back. When I finished puking I sat against the cold tiled wall and leaned my head back. He handed me a glass of water and I thanked him. He wiped my face with a towel and kissed my head. Then he sat next to me and pulled me into his chest. "I don't deserve you" I said into his chest. "don't ever say that, it's more the other way around" he said laughing "every other boy would just leave me deal with being sick on my own" I said closing my eyes. "well I'm not every boy" he replied. "i know. Your teen pop sensation Justin Bieber who I happen to be madly in love with" I said laughing. "ahh well you see I happen to be in live with someone to but she's not here right now. The sickness monster has taken her body from me. I just hope she knows that I love her very much and she is my everything" he said laughing. I leaned up and kissed his cheek but when I pulled away he lifted my chin up with his finger and kissed my lips. "Justin your gonna catch my sickness" I said sternly. "its worth it for a kiss from your lips" he said smiling. With that he kissed me again and again and again. 


I walked into mine and Justin's bedroom and I could hear him singing on the shower. You'd think all them years of being a pop sensation that he'd have had enough of singing. I guess not. I slipped off my summer dress and bra and put on a t-shirt that reached just below my bum cheeks. Usually I would never sleep in just a long t-shit and thong but these last couple of months me and Justin don't really seem to care anymore. He even slept naked once. I slipped into bed and switched of the light with the remote. Justin had the remote system put together just for me so that when hes away if I was scared I could look at every room in the house at the click of a button. He's sweet and thoughtful like that. I'd been so I'll lately but no reason why. I'm definitely not pregnant because I just recently had my period and me and Justin haven't had IT since. All this thinking was making me tired and my eye lids slowly closed. 





I walked out of the bathroom to find jade sleeping sweetly in bed. She looked so peaceful. I climbed into bed and cuddled her from behind. I kissed her cheek and nuzzled my face into her neck. "you smell really nice, you used my nice shampoo again didn't you" she said letting out a little laugh. "your awake then" I laughed. "I am now" she said wrapping my arms around her tighter. "oh I'm sorry baby, did i wake you?" I asked quiet concerned. "it's all right"  she said I could tell she was smiling. After about 5 minutes of silence I finely plucked up the courage to ask her a question I've wanted to ask her for ages. "have you ever thought of becoming a mommy?" I asked. "it's never something I've really thought about .. Why do you want a baby?" she asked. "well I've always wanted to be a young dad, plus I'm with someone I'm totally in love with who will make the perfect mom, plus I'm at the height of my career now so I'm able to take a little break, maybe this is the perfect time" I replied. I felt her sigh. "I don't know Justin.. I don't think I'm ready to be a mom just yet" she was probably scared. "who ever is ready when you have your first child? If we just stop using protection and carry on as normal then god will decided when your ready and will bless you with another life growing inside you" I replied. Wow I sounded so like my mom there. "forget what I said, i don't want to push you I'll just wait until your ready." I was kinda bummed I really wanted to be a dad but I guess it's harder on the woman. I mean after all jades gonna be the one who has to carry the baby for nine months and then comes that painful thing we call labor  I will never understand how bring something so beautiful into the world could hurt so much. "you know what Justin your right, we live with each other, money isn't a problem right now, we have time, let's just do what you said and see how it goes" I instantly smiled. "do you know how much I love you" I said looking into her eyes before i kissed her lips passionately. I pulled her in and cuddled her in my arms. "no you only tell me everyday" she said sarcastically and laughing. I laughed with her. Life really couldn't get any better right now. 





"hi and welcome to Beverly hills medical surgery take a seat and doctor will be with you as soon as he can" said the kind old looking woman.


"thank you" I smiled as I sat. I hated this. All this waiting. It's extremely annoying. I'm fed up of being sick and having flipping nose bleeds. I'm going to be fine though. I know I will. "jade" the doctor called interrupting my thoughts. I smiled and followed him in to the room. Into what could be my biggest fear. 


"jade...." he paused. Omg this was bad. "I think you and I both know what's wrong with you." he said weakly. "no I'm fine, I just have the bug" I tried to shout but it came out as a whisper. "jade you've collapsed 3 times you have constant nose bleeds and your always tired." he sighed. "your just shying away from the truth. The cancer you have can't..." he gulped. "there's no way your body can beat it" he said looking like he wanted to cry himself. "go and enjoy your life. Do what you've always wanted to do." I just sat there hoping this was all a bad dream and I would wake up any time now. That wasn't the case though. 




"your way to beautiful girl that's why it will never work your way to..." the door opened. "Jade?" I shouted. "yeah" she called. I ran to the door. I couldn't wait to tell my baby the good news. "hey baby" I said as I hugged her. "have you been crying." I asked worried. She looked upset. "no it's hay fever" she laughed. "okay well guess what?" I said with the biggest smile on my face. "what" she replied. "WERE GOING BACK ON TOUR!!!!!" I shouted. "wow that's amazing" she said like it was nothing. "what your not excited?" I asked. "yeah I'm just tired." she smiled that gorgeous winning smile. "okay babe, you sure your okay" I were worried now. "yeah" she smiled. She then did something I was not expecting her to do. She kissed me like she was never going to see me again. I enjoyed it though. "I love you, you know that right?" she stated. "yeah of course and I love you to" she smiled and made her way to bed. 




It's been 2 days since I found out about my illness. I've decided to do something that will first of all be horrible and heart breaking but in the long term it was the right thing to do. 


I pulled out a suitcase and packed my main things. Clothes and accessories, shoes and other things. I'm not sure where I'm going yet. I might go to England  I smiled to myself thinking about that. I've always wanted to go there. Whats a better place to die? Well luckily you won't have to think about that. Now it came to the hard part, saying goodbye. 




'Your probably getting home now wondering where I am. Don't worry about me I'm fine. 2 days ago something life changing happened to me and I'm doing this because I love you. No I'm in love with you. I'm I'll Justin, really I'll and it's not something you need right now. Please concentrate on your career and forget about me. I know it's going to be hard but you'll find a way. You always do. You have done so much for me and I can't put you through this much pain. I have a brain tumor and I can never get better. I'm not going to put you through All that pain and hurt because I love you that much. And don't worry about me, I'll be fine, I always am. Always keep god in your heart and you'll be fine, that's what you told me when we met. God will look after me. 


I love you so so so so much


Your baby jade'



I just read it over and over until I could no longer see because all my tears glazed over my eyes running down my cheeks and dropping on the paper. I can't believe this is happening. I felt someones hand on my shoulder. "I know honey" my mom said comforting me. "but why mum? I would of taken care of her, I love her. We could of over come this. Why did god do this to us" I cried. "honey there are some things god can't control" she tried to reassure me but I needed to find her. I got up and grabbed my keys. "where are you going" my mom called after me. "to get back the person im in love with" I shouted. 


I drove about 60 mph over the speed limit. I parked up and ran across the cold marble floor of LAX airport. Where to start? I ran and ran but there was no sign. Please tell me she hasn't gone already. I fell to my knees and just cried into my hands. 


After about 20 minutes of people staring at be while I cried I decided to go home. I turned to the doors that's when I saw her, her brown curled hair fell evenly over her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes stood out as she looked at the ticket in her hand. I ran up to her and wrapped her in my arms. "i don't care what you say. Were doing this together, I love you. I'm putting off the tour and were gonna do what you want to do. Travel the world, move to England it's completely up to you, money isn't an option. All the money I've ever earned is yours. I'm your personal make a won foundation." I smiled. She smiled back and i kissed her like i have never kissed her before. "let's go home" 


Someday she will loose her hair 

Someday she will be to tired 

Someday she will die.


Someday could be any day. Life is unpredictable so live ever day like it's the last. 


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