My Brother's Best Friend

Note : This is NOT a Fan Fiction. This is a romance between a normal boy and normal girl - it's called a book.
My name is London Green. My brother is Collin Green. His best friend was Jacob Scarf. We used to play together in the street when we were kids, but of course like all older brothers, Collin and Jacob used to pick on me. Jacob bullied me more and more as we grew up, until he moved to Edinburgh. It was a fresh start for me, away from that little porky kid that used to ruin my every day. But now, he's coming back. Now that we're older, will everything be better or much, much worse?


1. Prologue

My name is London Green. I have green eyes and brunette hair. I am a little too skinny, a lot too short and bullies always say that they could use my chest as a ruler. Oh yeah, I'm stunning...

My brother is Collin Green. He has pretty much black hair and green eyes. He's tall and lean, with plenty of muscle but that's just to show me up and to hook more girls. He barely needs to bother. Girls swan him even when he has bed hair. Oh yeah, he's a hit...

My brothers best friend was Jacob Scarf. From what I can remember he had fluffy blonde hair with blue eyes. He was a bit on the porky side and was a bit of a clown. I'll admit that he was funny, but he was also a bully.

The three of us used to play together in the street outside my house. Like all older brothers, Collin picked on me and Jacob copied like a mirror. I'd run in to my Mum, wailing about what they'd done this time and she'd always scold them. As we grew up a little, Collin took to ignoring me, but Jacob didn't. His cruel tricks turned to bullying. Real bullying. Sometimes he'd smack me over the cheek, but I was too shy to defend myself so he took to continuous punching. Collin didn't know. He had no idea.

On the day when Jacob moved to Edinburgh, when I was just turning 13, I rejoiced in my front room. Collin caught me in the act but still didn't know. He still doesn't to this day. All he knows is that I hate Jacob, and that he hates me.

But now, Jacob's coming back to visit. He'll be eighteen this year and that means that he's bigger, scarier and probably more experienced in fighting. Which means that I'm going to have the crappiest time of my life, when he is staying with us. He can mock me, he can control me, he can laugh in my face. And what can I do about it? After all, he's my brother's best friend.


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