My Brother's Best Friend

Note : This is NOT a Fan Fiction. This is a romance between a normal boy and normal girl - it's called a book.
My name is London Green. My brother is Collin Green. His best friend was Jacob Scarf. We used to play together in the street when we were kids, but of course like all older brothers, Collin and Jacob used to pick on me. Jacob bullied me more and more as we grew up, until he moved to Edinburgh. It was a fresh start for me, away from that little porky kid that used to ruin my every day. But now, he's coming back. Now that we're older, will everything be better or much, much worse?


6. Chapter Five

It was smoldering hot outside; my palms clammy and hair beginning to feel slightly damp at the roots. Afraid that I looked like a melted wax model, I carefully dodged my vision from the shop windows we passed as we walked down the clustered high street.

"It's all changed," Jacob mused, his eyes flickering around in a mixture of wonder and confusion. "It's weird, how much changes in only a few years, huh?"
I wasn't sure how to respond to that, and my eyes fell unwillingly on his perfect features. How, in this weather, could this boy still look like an Abercrombie model? Seriously, was he secretly doing his hair and dabbing on the odd spot of makeup whenever I looked away? His hair was tousled and silky, looking irresistibly soft as he ran his fingers through it again. My heart thudded a little louder as my attention dropped to his torso; the tank top was loosely fitted but showed off his biceps beautifully and his tan made me look like practically invisible stumbling along next to him. I coughed, blushing at the ways he made me feel. 

"Uhm...there's this cafe down there, it does great breakfast if you want some?" He smirked down at me with amused eyes and nodded.

"Sure, we could go there...or we could get ice cream?" He suggested, grinning cheekily. I laughed and shrugged.

"Yeah, or that."

We wandered to the beach where the ice cream stood, painted in pink, white and blue stripes that looked glossy in the sun's harsh light. I remembered from when the three of us were very young, when we could actually stand to be around each other, that our parents would give us some change and we would race towards the ice cream cart that was our personal heaven. They had every flavour I could imagine, plus some. We'd debate for what felt like hours over which to have this time, but we always chose the same thing: Collin would have a double mint-choc-chip , I'd have a small strawberry with raspberry sauce and Jacob would have...

"Double chocolate with a flake please," A small smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as he said it. He turned to me and I ducked my head. "What would you like London?"

I stared at the array of colours and leaned in closer. "I'll have a single coconut and chocolate."

"Trying something new?" Jacob looked at me, and I shrugged, digging into my pocket for some money. "It's okay, I've got it."

He threw a note at the man before I could protest and snatched up his already melting ice cream.  "Come on, I'll race you to the water. The loser gets splashed."

With that he tore off down the beach, kicking off his sandals carelessly and shoving sticky chocolate mess into his mouth. I laughed and followed, shrieking as the frozen dessert spilled over my hand and dripped onto the soft sand beneath my toes. The fresh salty beach air stung my throat and whipped my hair around my head, cooling my burning hot skin that was already tinged pink with sunburn. But in that moment I didn't care. I was free. I was as free as a careless child, without the worries of their parent's divorce, or their weight, or their bully, or the fact that they were getting coconut and chocolate ice cream all over their favourite shirt. 

Jacob reached the water long before me, kicking his foot up and splashing me as I approached. I squealed and stumbled, dropping my ice cream as he caught me with his arm around my waist. I found myself staring up into his deep blue eyes, perfect flecks of green around the pupil. A small scar just below his left eyebrow was now obvious as I studied him closely. He was not perfect. 

"I dropped my ice cream," I whispered and he chuckled.

"Here have some of mine," He offered, holding it out to me. His hand suddenly bolted forwards and swatched some on my nose. As he laughed, I realised. What was I doing? Why was I here with him? Why was my body craving for him to pull me closer? For him to gently kiss the chocolate from my nose and then let his lips fall on mine? Did I like him? Did I like Jacob?

He called you fat remember?

I felt a knot suddenly tie itself in my stomach and tighten, making me want to gag.

Do you not want to be skinny? You just ate an ice're weak.

Some girls down the beach were playing in the water, all of them tall and perfectly toned with flat stomachs as perfect thigh gaps. Envy washed over me like a wave.

You will never be like them...

And then Jacob's hand was on my back and his fingers were stroking my skin with a touch as gentle as a humble breeze. His striking eyes gazed down at me, searching my face as he dropped his ice cream and let his fingers tangle in the ends of my hair. He leaned in close, his lips almost touching my ear as his warm breath tickled my ear lobe.

"I know it's hard for you to believe it, but you're beautiful London..."

And then, for the first time, I pushed the voices from my mind and allowed myself to fall into the beautiful, calm abyss of peace.


Hey guys,

So another belated update which I am soooo sorry for! This is sort of a filler chapter but I threw in a Jacon (is that their ship name? I don't know you guys decide) moment to make up for it. I know what key events are going to happen now, so I am some what organised but I want you to know that your comments help me profoundly. They urge me to update and to press forwards with this complicated book that I worry I have overfilled with issues to overcome. So thanks so much for the patience and support! I am also going to go back and edit some earlier chapters to correct grammar errors and to reword some things, but don't worry there's not going to be any plot changes!

Thanks so much for all your likes&faves&comments! Please let me know what you thought of this chapter x Love you all!

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