My Brother's Best Friend

Note : This is NOT a Fan Fiction. This is a romance between a normal boy and normal girl - it's called a book.
My name is London Green. My brother is Collin Green. His best friend was Jacob Scarf. We used to play together in the street when we were kids, but of course like all older brothers, Collin and Jacob used to pick on me. Jacob bullied me more and more as we grew up, until he moved to Edinburgh. It was a fresh start for me, away from that little porky kid that used to ruin my every day. But now, he's coming back. Now that we're older, will everything be better or much, much worse?


5. C h a p t e r F o u r

My breathing is heavy and I dread what he's going to do. Punch me? Claw me? Worse?

I wince as he leans closer, but when I let one eye open a little to peek at him, he's pursing his lips a little and breathing just as heavy as me. He pushes his jaw forwards a little and I wonder what he's doing, but before I find out he loosens his grip on my arms and smiles cheekily.

"Did I scare you?" He teases. I roll my eyes and push at his chest to get him off, but he doesn't budge. I huff and push harder, but he just smirks at me.

"Get off," I demand feebly and he sticks his tongue out childishly. "How old are you?" I joke and he puts one hand up, pretending to count on his fingers.

"Ha, you should have seen your face London. You'd have thought I was gonna shoot you." He smiles, hopping up and scratching his neck. My heart beats a little irregularly and I shove myself up, dash out of the room before he realises how intimidated I really was.

I stand at the kitchen sink and exhale, shakily. What am I doing? I mean...what was that? Was I joking with him?

I feel myself flush red as I picture how soft his lips look. Surely he used chapstick. I scoff and begin to busy myself making a cup of coffee as he walks through. 

"Want some toast?" He says. I turn my head to look at him and immediately become very conscious of the fact that he's only wearing boxers. I stare, my whole face turning so hot that I feel lightheaded. He turns around and stares at me, concerned. "London?"

I attempt to drag my eye away but they refuse. 

"Sure." I manage to snap, eyes so wide I must look psychotic. His face contorts to a puzzled expression as he turns his back on me and goes to fetch the bread. I take the opportunity to gulp for air and cool myself down.

"God," I say under my breath, "What a jerk. Trying to just put all that stuff behind us. What does he think I idiot?"


"Nothing!" I practically yell. Jacob jumps a little and I stick a sickening smile on my face. "Nothing at all, just going to get ready. Help yourself to..." Who am I kidding? Our house consists of nothing but celery and marmite. I roll my eyes and shuffle away, internally kicking myself for being a dork.

Shutting the bedroom door behind me, I call my best friend. 

"Hey, Hannah?"

"Yeaaah?" I can hear Katy Perry blasting in the background and the sound of her feet thumping on the ground as she dances along. I can imagine her right now, arms flailing, legs jerking out at odd angles. Hannah's quirky, in her own amusing way. I guess that's why we get on so well.

"I need your advice." I sigh and walk over to the wardrobe to pick out an outfit. "Remember Jacob?"

"The disgusting pig that brought you down and made your life misery? Sure I do." I can almost hear the sneer on her face as she spits the words and I chuckle at her spitefulness.

"Well he's back."


"Yeah...and as much as I hate to admit it, he's horribly attractive now."

"Ooo! London and Jacob sitting -" She begins, but I interrupt her before she can continue.

"Don't go there," I laugh. "I just don't know how to cope. I hate him for what he did. But he's being so sickeningly nice! Apologising and acting like it never happened..."

The music cuts out and Hannah sighs as she turns serious.

"Maybe he's really sorry, London. Its been a while now. Maybe he really has changed."


"London, just talk to him. Give him a chance. You wouldn't like to be reminded constantly of something stupid you did years ago. If you still feel the same then, fine! At least you tried."

I swallow and we hang up. I look at the scars on my arm. 

My head snaps up at the sound of knocking on my door. 

"Come in."

Jacob pops his head around the door and smiles, "Hey, you didn't have any bread, actually I couldn't find a lot more other than marmite."

I laugh and stand up, shoving my phone into my pocket. "That's my Mum for you."

"Well, I thought I would go out and get some pancakes in town. You know, have a look around while I'm there. Anyways, I was just wondering if you wanted to come?"

"Oh no, thanks but I really -"

"London..." He looks me in the eyes and I swear my heart jumps into my throat as his icy eyes pierce me. "I know that, you haven't forgiven me. I get that. But, I'd really like for you and me to just try and just start again."

I bite the inside of my lip as Hannah's words race through my head. Maybe she's right. He was a reckless, immature boy at the time, like most of them. He didn't know how sensitive I was to those words. I drew a deep breath and smiled. If this wasn't for me, or Jacob, then it was for Collin's sake.

"Okay. Sure. Let me just get my bag."


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