Angel of Music

Christine Daae is thrown into the spotlight when opera diva La Carlotta storms out. After the opening gala she catches the attention of the opera's patron Raoul Vicomte de Chagne but he is not the only powerful man to be awed by the young soprano. This haunted tale sets the stage for this dramatic opera.


1. Prologue


The auctioneer's gavel hit down hard sealing the bidding. 

"Your number sir?" 

A stout man in a black jacket eased his card. 

"Thank you." Pausing to read the auctioneer stood up tall once more. " Lot 663, then, ladies and gentlemen: a poster for this house's production of "Hannibal" by Chalumeau."  

The porter, a man in a rather peculiar uniform unraveled the poster. "Showing here!" The poster had a grand lady upon it holding what appeared to be a decapitated head. 

"Do I have ten francs? Five then. Five I am bid. Six, seven. Against you, sir, seven. Eight. Eight once. Selling twice. Sold, to Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny" 

Raoul, seventy now but still with a youthful look in his eye nodded. 

"Lot 664: a wooden pistol and three human  

skulls from the 1831 production of "Robert le Diable" by Meyerbeer. Ten francs for this. Ten,  

thank you. Ten francs still. Fifteen, thank you, sir Fifteen I am bid. Going at fifteen. Your  

number, sir?" Pausing once more the auctioneer looked up. "665, ladies and gentlemen: a papier-mache musical box, in the shape of a barrel-organ. Attached, the figure of a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals. This item, discovered in the vaults of the theatre, still in working order." 

The porter held up a beautifully crafted music box, apon it a realistic monkey indeed wearing fine Persian clothing with small cymbals in each hand. As he wound it up a charming melody played. Raoul looked at it with nostalgic eyes and sighed. He looked quite sad as tge melody stopped. 

"My I start at twenty francs? Fifteen, then? Fifteen I am bid. Twenty sir. Twenty-five thank you Madame. Thirty? Sold, for thirty francs to the Vicomte de  

Chagny. Thank you, sir." 

The Vicomte is handed the music box and stydies it carefully. Then half to himself, half to the music box.  

"A collector's piece indeed . . . every detail exactly as she said . . .She often spoke of you, my friend ....Your velvet lining, and your figurine of lead...Will you still play, when all the rest of us are dead. 

"Lot 666, then: a chandelier in pieces. Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera: a mystery never fully explained. We are told ladies and gentlemen,  

that this is the very chandelier which figures in the famous disaster. Our workshops have  

restored it and fitted up parts of it with wiring for the new electric light, so that we may get a hint of what it may look like when re-assembled. Perhaps we may frighten away the ghost of so many years ago with a little illumination, gentlemen?
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