Angel of Music

Christine Daae is thrown into the spotlight when opera diva La Carlotta storms out. After the opening gala she catches the attention of the opera's patron Raoul Vicomte de Chagne but he is not the only powerful man to be awed by the young soprano. This haunted tale sets the stage for this dramatic opera.


3. After the gala

The curtain closes upstage and the ballet girls, from the wings gush around Christine who hands each a flower from her bouquet. Reyer stiffly gives his approval.
Giry turns to Christine.
"Yes, you did well. He will be pleased." She turns back to face the girls."And you! You were a disgrace tonight! Such ronds de jambe! Such temps de cuisse! Here we rehearse. Now!"She emphasizes this with her cane.
The ballet girls settle into rehearsal, Giry keeping time with her stick.
Christine moves slowly, away from the dancers as her dressing room becomes visible. Unseen by her, Meg also slips away and follows her. 
As Christine is about to open the dressing room door,she hears the Phantom's voice out of nowhere for the first time.
"Bravi, bravi, bravissimi . . ."
Christine is bewildered by the voice. Meg, following, has not heard it. Christine turns in surprise, and is relieved to see her.

"Where in the world
have you been hiding?
Really, you were

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is this new
They both enter her dressing room. Its rather grand with a small gas lit chandelier hanging from the ceiling and posters from previous productions on the pink walls. There is a pretty little dressing table and a floor to ceiling mirror that makes the room look even bigger.
"Father once spoke
of an angel . . .
I used to dream he'd
appear . . .

Now as I sing,
I can sense him . . .
And I know
he's here . . .

Here in this room
he calls me softly . . .
somewhere inside . . .
hiding . . .

Somehow I know
he's always with me . . .
he - the unseen
genius . . ."
"Christine, you must have
been dreaming . . .
stories like this can't
come true . . .

Christine, you're talking
in riddles . . .
and it's not
like you . . ."
"Angel of Music!
and guardian!
Grant to me your
"Who is this angel?
This . . ."

"Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and strange
angel . . ."

"He's with me, even now . . ."
"Your hands are cold . . ."
"All around me . . ."
"Your face, Christine, it's white . . ."
"It frightens me . . ."
"Don't be frightened . . ."
They look at each other. The moment is broken by the arrival of Madame Giry.
"Meg Giry. Are you a dancer? Then come and practice."
Meg leaves and joins the dancers.
"My dear, I was asked to give you this."
She hands her a note, and exits. Christine opens it and reads.
"A red scarf . . . the attic . . . Little Lotte . . ."

The men make their way towards the dressing rooms, the managers in high spirits, bearing champagne.
"A tour de force! No other way to describe it!"
"What a relief ! Not a single refund!"
"Richard, I think we've made quite a discovery in Miss 
"Here we are, Monsieur le Vicomte."
"Gentlemen if you wouldn't mind. This is one visit I should prefer to make unaccompanied."
He takes the champagne from Firmin.
"As you wish, monsieur. "
They bow and move off.
"They appear to have met before . . ."

Raoul knocks at the door and enters her dressing room.
"Christine Daae, where is your scarf?"
"You can't have lost it. After all the trouble I took. I was just fourteen and soaked to the skin . . ."
"Because you had run into the sea to fetch my scarf. Oh, Raoul. So it is you!"
They embrace and laugh. She moves away and sits at her dressing table.
"Little Lotte let her mind wander . . ."
"You remember that, too . . ."
". . . Little Lotte thought: Am I fonder
of dolls . . . or of goblins,
of shoes . . ."
". . . or of riddles.
of frocks . . ."
"Those picnics in the attic . . .
". . . or of chocolates . . ."
"Father playing the violin . . ."
"As we read to each other 
dark stories of the North . . ."
She laughed in nostalgia.
"No what I love best, Lotte said,
is when I'm asleep in my bed,
and the Angel of Music sings songs in my
head! . . . the Angel of Music sings song in my
"Father said, "When I'm in heaven, child, I will send the Angel of Music to you". Well, father is dead, Raoul, and I have been visited by the Angel of Music."
"No doubt of it. And now we'll go to supper!"
"No, Raoul, the Angel of Music is very strict."
"I shan't keep you up late!"
"No, Raoul . . ."
"You must change. I must get my hat. Two minutes Little 
He hurries out.
"Raoul! Things have changed, Raoul." Christine calls after him.

Christine hears the Phantom's voice, seemingly from behind her dressing room mirror.
"Insolent boy!
This slave
of fashion
basking in your

Ignorant fool!
This brave
young suitor,
sharing in my
"Angel! I hear you!
Speak -
I listen . . .
stay by my side,
guide me!

Angel, my soul was weak -
forgive me . . .
enter at last, 

"Flattering child,
you shall know me,
see why in shadow
I hide!

Look at your face
in the mirror -
I am there
The figure of the Phantom becomes discernible behind the mirror.
"Angel of Music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your

Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Come to me, strange
"I am your Angel ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ..."
Christine walks towards the glowing, shimmering glass. Meanwhile, Raoul has returned. He hears the voices and is puzzled. He tries the door It is locked.
"Whose is that voice . . .? Who is that in there . . .?"
Inside the room the mirror opens. Behind it, in an inferno of white light, stands the Phantom. He reaches forward and takes Christine firmly, but not fiercely, by the wrist. His touch is cold, and she gasps.
"I am your Angel of Music . . .
Come to me: Angel of Music . . ."
Christine disappears through the mirror, 
which closes behind her. The door of the dressing 
room suddenly unlocks and swings open, and 
Raoul enters to find the room empty.
"Christine! Angel?"
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