During the Tears In Heaven Masquerade at Stratford High School, the badboy and well known player, Justin Bieber, finds himself swaying underneath the ceiling of the gym with a mysterious girl.
"Remove your mask." His hoarse whisper commanded.
"That would be against the rules." She smirked at him.
"Well I'm a rule breaker baby." His smirk matched hers. "At least, tell me your name?"
"Why ruin the fun?" She asked as the song ended and she disappeared in the sea of masked students.


2. Unspoken rules

*This chapter is dedicated to Miki Horan for the first comment - thank you boo.*

"I can't believe we're in the same class!" Jazmyn's overly excited voice squealed as they made their way down the crowded hallway.
"Go figure." She mumbled as she trailed behind her, having a hard time in trying to catch up with Jazmyn's quick speed. She pulled her black sweater even closer to her as she ignored all the weird stares she was given. She had nothing to complain about, after all she was the new kid in school and so everyone was bound to stare. She felt like a monkey in a cage, who had to suffer through endless days of being pointed at by little kids, though she bit her tongue and kept on moving behind Jazmyn, keeping her eyes locked on her own feet.
"I'm Jazmyn by the way, though you can call me Jazzy." Jazzy extended her arm across the table as they were finally sat down in the english classroom. In the hurry of wanting to get to the new kid first, Jazzy had completely forgot about the formal stuff and so she had jumped right passed the introductions.
"Alex." She shook Jazzy's hand before the clearing of a throat brought the full attention of the class towards a grey haired woman at the front of the class.
English was, as all other classes, boring as hell and through out the full periode of time Alex found herself sending curse words at her own mother. 
When Mrs. Jacobs had decided to get remarried with the wicket wizard of the west, she was set upon the idea that it would be best for her daughter to spend her last year in High School at Alex's uncle in Stratford - an idea Alex was sure had been put in her mothers mind from the wizard himself, who wished for nothing more than for Alex and her troubles to disappear. 
"I would like you to team up in pairs of two. You'll have to read the novel laid out infront of you and discuss it in your groups. Afterwards you will prepare a presentation. This presentation should include character and story analyzes. This is due three weeks from now." The grey haired teacher stopped talking the same second the school bell rang. A couple of groans filled the air of the classroom as everyone began to gather their things and head on out for their next class.

"What's up with you, man? You've been distant all day!" Ryan exclaimed as he dumped down into the chair beside Justin. The cafeteria was filling up with students looking for a free seat, though no one ever as much as considered filling up the free spots at their table. All because of one thing; it was their table or as it was well known among the students; The A-Table. No one ever dared cross the imaginary border to the A-List world if they did not belong their and if someone tried to, they would forever be haunted by the worst humiliation possible. 
"Nothing." Justin sighed as he scanned the room once again. 
"Dude, I've hooked up with enough girls to know that 'nothing' always means something." Chaz, who had filled up the free seat beside Ryan, flipped his hair in a desperate try to fix it, after his little run in with a freshmen girl in the hallway. "What has got you this searchy?" 
"No one." Justin was quick to answer his question - a little too quick.
"Ahh so it's a someone. Please do tell." Ryan urged him on before he took a bite of his slightly cold pizza.
Justin was in a deep discussion with himself. Should he tell his best friend and risk possible humiliation? But then again, there was no way he could risk humiliation for wanting to hump and dump another chick as he had done so many times before.
"You remember that chick I was dancing with last night?" Justin trailed off, waiting for some kind of confirmation from his best friends.
"Kimie?" Chaz raised an eyebrow as his eyes stayed focused on Justin's face.
"No way, the one in the blue dress." Justin started to fumble with the label of his water bottle as he, once again, allowed his eyes to search the cantine. She had to be there, she just had to.
Ever since the night before, the mystery girl from the masquerade had been on his mind all night and day. He had barely closed his eyes all night and when he finally did, his dreams were revolved around dark blue colors, deep brown eyes and a quick set of remarks that could belong to no one else than his little escaper. 
"Sorry dude. Didn't even see a single girl in a blue dress that night." Justin sighed. Of course Chaz never saw her, he was too caught up in staring down the cleavage of his own date.
"She didn't leave her name or number?" Ryan raised an eyebrow, his face expressing every thought that ran through Justin. It was surprising that she hadn't left any personal information or contact details for him to find her again. Normally girls would be fainting by the thought of getting an hour or two alone with him. It was more than odd that this girl seemed to have no interest in him what so ever, though it only made the urge for him to find her even bigger. He loved a good chase, though it had been years since he had experienced one.
"No." Justin sighed as he once again let his eyes travel around the cafeteria. "But I am going to find her." His determination was clear as the day, as he got up and left the boys at the table by themselfs, though their attention were soon craved by a couple of girls flashing flesh like they were trying to sell it in a shopwindow. 
He was going to find her. After all; he was not just another player - no, he controlled the game.

Jazzy rolled her eyes by the sight of her brother storming passed her and her new friend, and out of the cafeteria. That special look was evident in his eyes and he made no effort to notice anyone around him. She knew him well enough to know that he was hunting. Hunting something that she was more than just disgusted by. 
"Who was he?" Alex made a small and casual gesture towards the doors of the cafeteria, as they found a free table to sit by in the back.
"Probably the biggest jack ass of them all." Jazzy couldn't resist the urge of rolling her eyes once more.
"I see." Alex nodded in understandment as she took a sip of her water bottle.
"Aren't you gonna ask if he's single?" Jazzy raised an eyebrow at her new friend, before taking a bite of her sandwich.
"I'm not looking for a date." Alex shrug taking yet another sip of her water bottle. "Besides if I was, he wouldn't be my type." Jazzy found herself shocked yet more than pleased by her newly found friend's answer. After all, everyone else seemed to be drooling over her big brother and it made her sick to the bone.
"He probably has STD." Alex added with a casual shrug as she took a bite of her apple. Jazzy had to bite her tongue in order not to spit out her food, though as soon as her mouth and airways was free she let out a huge laugh. Never had she heard anyone speak of her brother like that, at least no one beside herself. Jazzy suddenly got the strong feeling that her and Alex would become very good friends within a short amount of time.


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