During the Tears In Heaven Masquerade at Stratford High School, the badboy and well known player, Justin Bieber, finds himself swaying underneath the ceiling of the gym with a mysterious girl.
"Remove your mask." His hoarse whisper commanded.
"That would be against the rules." She smirked at him.
"Well I'm a rule breaker baby." His smirk matched hers. "At least, tell me your name?"
"Why ruin the fun?" She asked as the song ended and she disappeared in the sea of masked students.


10. Hide and seek part 1

"Hallo, you still there?" Jazzy waved her hand infront of her face. Alex had been spacing out, something she had been doing a lot lately. 

"Sorry, what were you saying?" Alex asked before she trapped her bottom lip between her teeth and locked her gaze on the wall before her. It was clear as day to everyone that she was as lost in her thoughts as anyone could be.

"Never mind." Jazzy shrugged. "Geez, you're starting to freak me out. You're acting like Justin."

"Justin?" Alex's attention was grabbed almost instantly. 

"Yeah, he's been spacing out ever since Friday." Alex's curious expression changed to a confused one.

"He has?" 

"Yeah and it's really freaking me out. He rarely eats anything and he doesn't even wanna fight with me over what TV-show we should be watching."

"Why do you think he's acting like that?" Her curiosity was awoken by the newly found information.

"What do I know?" Jazzy shrugged, before she stuffed her face with a handful of potato chips. "Maybe he's in love." 

"What?" Alex was stunned by the words that Jazzy managed to get out between her chewing. 

"I know, crazy idea. Believe, I'm just as shocked as you are." 

"But who could he possibly fall in love with?" Alex took a sip of her coke, desperate to moist her dry throat. 

"Where the hell should I know? Justin has never fallen in love. That's just not his thing."

"He's more of a fuck and dump guy." Alex added to Jazzy's conclusion. 

"Exactly. But Justin in love..." Jazzy trailed off in deep thoughts for a second. "For all we know, it could be you." Upon hearing those words a terrible cough hit Alex.

"Excuse me, what?" She managed to get out between the coughs, before she had to take another sip of her coke.

"Well his behavior started as soon as you came into town." She shrugged. "But you guys haven't been spending any time together, so I honestly don't see why." 

Silence replaced their odd conversation, the only sound in the living room came from the characteristic line from Twilight: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

Alex couldn't help but notice how strangely ironic the line sounded at that very moment.

She drifted off into the thought of Jazzy might knowing something about Justin and hers little game, though she was soon awoken from her thoughts by the sound of a door bell.

"Are you gonna get that?" Jazzy looked at her with a raised brow and as Alex made her way to the door she wondered how long the doorbell had been ringing and exactly how deep in her thoughts she had been.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alex exclaimed as she opened the door to reveal the one person she was a hundred percent sure it wouldn't be.

"Is everything alright?" The curious and yet weird tangled sound of Jazzy's voice speaking through a layer of chips, rang from the living room.

"Yeah, I'll be just a second." Alex called back, before she stepped out into the breezy wind and closed the door behind her.

"I came to see you." 

"Well no shit Sherlock. Now what's the real reason?" She crossed her arms above her chest as she stared at the dark figure.

"I've been thinking about you."

"That's not a real reason." 

"I had to see you." His voice was raspy and low as he talked and Alex found herself drawn to it, despite her free will.

"Now you've seen me." She turned her back to him and reached out for the doorknob. 

"Wait," he reached for her hand and spun her back around. "We need to talk." 

"Talk about what?" 

"You'll find out." By now his usual playfull smile was spread across his lips, though it was only a faint version of what it used to be. "Can I come in?" 

"NO." She answered a little too fast, making a confused yet disappointed expression spread in the corners of his eyes. "You can't."

"Why not?" He questioned, holding her gaze locked to his.

"Jazzy is in there." She explained.

"Jazzy, as in my sister?" He raised an eyebrow.


"Shit, she can't see me." The disappointed expression was replaced by a more desperate and deer-caught-in-the-front-light look. 

"Well no shit Sherlock." 

"You have to hide me." He grabbed a hold of her shoulders and stared her. His brown eyes locked on hers.

"Why can't you just go back home?" She questioned, confused to her core.

"I came here to talk with you and I intend to stay until that has happened." He stated in his 'no discusion' voice.

"Fine," she gave in to his pleading yet so tough look. "Go through the backdoor and up the stairs. Hide in the second room on the left." 

"Thank you." 

"You're welcome. But if you get caught, you have to sort yourself out of this mess." He nodded as an agreement.

Once again, she turned his back towards him and reached for the doorknob, but she was stopped by a hand on her wrist once again.

"Wait Alex," he spun her around for the second time that night. She stared at him with a confused expression painted on her face. As his one hand was holding her wrist, his other hand creeped to the side of her face and in the matter of second he had pulled her close. A string of firework exploded as they connected. Soft lips to soft lips. It was pure magic as a ball of light lingered on his lips before it divided its self into two. The first one travled from his lips to hers and spread in her veins. The second one stayed with him and spread its own magic into his veins, before it lifted him up high into the sky until her landed on his own little cloud of happiness, where the second ball of light had taken Alex as well. 

"Don't make me wait too long?" He asked as they parted.

"I thought it was like kissing a dead fish?" She raised a brow at him.

"I thought you knew I was a liar?" He winked before he let go of her and thereby allowed her to finally lay her hands on the door knob and step inside of the warm and comforting home.

Justin stayed where he was until she closed the door behind him and the sight of her was gone.




I'm so sorry that I haven't had the time to update, but I'm moving to South Dakota in 18 days - can you believe that? - and I just finished my exams!

I hope this chapter was good enough for y'all and that it was worth the wait! :*

Much Love



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