During the Tears In Heaven Masquerade at Stratford High School, the badboy and well known player, Justin Bieber, finds himself swaying underneath the ceiling of the gym with a mysterious girl.
"Remove your mask." His hoarse whisper commanded.
"That would be against the rules." She smirked at him.
"Well I'm a rule breaker baby." His smirk matched hers. "At least, tell me your name?"
"Why ruin the fun?" She asked as the song ended and she disappeared in the sea of masked students.


3. Categorize them


"All I know is that she's a brunette with deep brown eyes." Justin sighed as he leaned against his locker. He was frustrated - no beyond frustrated. He was desperate.  

Three days had gone by with no clue as to whom his mystery girl could be.  

"Hey Justin." Yet another girl purred as she walked slowly by him, while twirling a strand of her hair between her thumb and pointed finger. She wasn't the only one who had tried to grab his attention. Ever since the word spread - thanks to a certain Chaz and his big mouth - every girl had been on their toes in an attempt to impress Justin, in hopes that they would turn out to be his mystery girl.  

"Literally every girl has been trying to grab your attention ever since the word spread. She has to be one of them." Ryan urged for about the 100th time.  

"But she isn't." It was not Justin's intention to snap at Ryan, but his two best friends were not the only one tired of wasting time trying to find a girl who seemed to be unexisting.  

Justin slammed his clenched fist against the closest locker. How hard could it possibly be to find a chick in a school with only about 500 students?

"What's up with him?" Alex made a casual and almost nonexisting gesture towards the outburst of the school jock.  

Alex and Jazzy had arrived at Alex's locker two minutes before the outburst and had both been deep into their own thoughts until the sound of a clenched fist against a locker door brought them both back to reality. 

"You haven't heard?" Jazzy lifted an eyebrow and send her friend a shocked stare. Alex just shook her head, making Jazzy wonder if the girl was living under a rock or something. "Apparently he's looking for a mystery girl." Jazzy's shocked expression soon changed to a complete disgusted one as she caught sight of another girl twirling her hair at her brother in a desperate attempt to catch his attention. It disgusted her. All of it - the flirting, the smiles, the looks and the teasing.. It gave her a strong urge to throw her breakfast up. 

"Ah mystery girl. It sounds.. Mysterious." Jazzy managed to forget her disgust when a huge smile broke upon her face, as her best friend nodded understandingly at her brother.  

"Yea, sure is." Alex looked at her friend as she trapped her bottom lip between her teeth, looking like someone in deep thoughts.  

"So what's the story behind it?" Alex added another question as the silence between them was starting to take a slight turn for the Awkward Avenue.

"Well apparently he was dancing with this girl at the masquarade and when the song finished," Jazzy leaned closer towards Alex, only to whisper the last part in her ear as if they were sharing some kind of secret. "she disappeared."

Alex let ou a little fake gasp before both of them broke off into laughter. 

As they made their way towards their english class, Alex could not seem to free her mind from Jazzy's words.

Mystery girls, masquarades, dances and disappearings were all Alex could think about as she sat through her three first classes. By the time lunch break came around she had already made up her mind.


"What about her?" Chaz made a gesture towards a brunette girl walking past their table. Ryan and Chaz had spend all day pointing out girls for Justin, in hopes that they would be the mystery girl he was searching for.

"Not her." Justin shoke his head for the 100th time that day. So far they had gotten nowhere at all with the whole pointing out method. 

"Her?" Ryan pointed towards a blonde at the table beside them. When she felt eyes on her she instantly looked up only to be greeted by a wink send from Ryan, that instantly made her face light up in a blush. "I would totally do her." 

"Dude, she's a brunette not a blonde. Even I got that part." Chaz facepalmed Ryan, which created a laugh from the blonde girl before she turned her attention back to her friends.

"We're never going to find her." Justin sighed out loud. How hard could it be? He had been with almost every girl on this school, how could it be so terribly hard to find one single girl?

"Excuse me." A faint voice spoke, making all the guys turn their heads in its direction. "Justin, right?" She asked while holding her gaze at him and only him.

"Right." He nodded, a tat bored with it all.

"Can I talk with you?" The girl fittled with her hands, making Justin catch sight of a single silver bracelet wrapped around her wrist.

"Sorry, I'm busy." He didn't even bother to cover up the bored tune in his voice. When he had answered her he quickly turned his attention back on the table. Ignoring her existent completely.

"I'm sure you could spare a minute or two." He was shocked to realize that she was still there and apparently had taken no notice of his tune or words. Actually her confident had only grown by the sound of his words.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Justin lazily turned his head back around to meet her gaze.

"I heard you were looking for a girl." Her expression had turned bored seeing that she know had his full attention.

"Yea.." He trailed off, wanting her to continue.

"Just thought you would like to know some more, but I guess not." Before Justin could even process her words, she had turned on her heels and were already half ways through the cafeteria. Justin was paralized with shock by her sudden action. By the time he realized what was going on, she had already disappeared throughout the doors of the cafeteria, leaving him - and his two friends - speechless. 


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