During the Tears In Heaven Masquerade at Stratford High School, the badboy and well known player, Justin Bieber, finds himself swaying underneath the ceiling of the gym with a mysterious girl.
"Remove your mask." His hoarse whisper commanded.
"That would be against the rules." She smirked at him.
"Well I'm a rule breaker baby." His smirk matched hers. "At least, tell me your name?"
"Why ruin the fun?" She asked as the song ended and she disappeared in the sea of masked students.


4. Bet them



"What's up?" A smile grew upon her lips as she heard his voice. Alex knew that he would follow her. The boy had been looking for her for a week for crying out loud. Hell almost every girl in school was working their favorite features even more, in all too desperate attempts to grab his attention.  

"What's up, what?" Alex's smile turned into a confident smirk as she leaned her back against a locker in the hallway.  

"You know anything?" Justin dug his hands into his pockets as his eyes searched hers for some piece of evidence.  

"About what?" She crossed her arms above her chest causing Justin's eyes to trail a bit south for a moment. Gosh, he was such a boy.  

"You know what I'm talking about." Justin licked his bottom lip as his eyes darted back to hers.  

"You sure about that?" Alex's inner goddess was literally high fiving herself at the little game she had started. Damn, she loved to play games with him.  

"Oh I'm sure, princess." Alex cringed at the nickname he had used for her. A smirk grew upon Justin's lips as well, as he realized the game she was playing.  

They kept their gazes locked at each others for a while. Justin was clearly waiting for her reply, though it never came.  

"Why did you want to talk with me?" He finally asked her, as he took a step closer to her. Their bodies was only a couple of inches apart and the body heat, they were each creating, was radiated on to the other.  

"I heard you were looking for a mystery girl." Alex shrugged as she turned her eyes away from his and decided to play extremely interested in the almost empty hallway.  

"And.." Justin took another step closer, bringing her eyes back on his. It might have been the desperation within him, but for a short second those eyes of hers felt familiar.  

"Presenting to you; your mystery girl." Alex made a simple hand gesture towards herself and within seconds she felt Justin's brown eyes searching her from head to toe.  

"Impossible." He whispered to himself as he took a single step back, in order to get a better look.  

"Possible." She smirked at him, slightly amused with his reaction.  

"Do you even go to school here?" Justin raised an eyebrow at her, cursing Chaz and his big mouth for, posibbly, having spilt the word of his search to the whole damn town and all their teenage girls.  

"Yes, yes I do." Alex's amusement only grew at the sight of his confusion.  

"Who are you anyways?" Now it was Justin's turn to cross his arms above his chest, looking suspiciously at Alex.  

"Alex - I moved here a week ago." Justin's, still, raised eyebrow urged her to add some details to her explanation. She sighed. She hated the fact that she had to paint the whole picture for him and suddenly she didn't feel amused at all. "From New York."

"Well, Alex from New York." He mocked with the amusement in his voice as clear as day. "Every girl in this school is fighting for the spot as my mystery girl, what makes you think that I'll believe you?" He mocked with a huge smirk on his face. 

By now, Alex's patient was as thin as a piece of paper and she had no intentions of sticking around trying to convince him much longer. After all, he was the one looking for her and not the other way around. "Look Justin,_" She almost spat the word at his face. To be honest who could blame her? The guy was literally acusing her of lying about something only he had been interested in. After all she was just trying to be nice, apparently that wasn't a term that was very wellknown in Stratford. "I was just trying to be nice, but you can keep on looking for that mysterious girl of yours, 'cause honestly; I do not give a fuck if you find her or not." 

In the blink of an eye Alex had turned on her heels and was walking away from Justin, for the second time that day.

Justin was left stunned behind at the lockers and he couldn't help but watch her behind as she made her way down the hallway. He was shocked by her next action, since he had expected her to vanish through the entrance of the school, but no. Instead the brunette stopped in her tracks for a second. She caught his eyes in an instant as she turned around and without ever removing the playful and sarcastic smile on her lips, she brought her palm up to her face, pressed those soft looking lips against it and blew him a kiss. 

Stunned as ever and speechless, Justin made his way back to the cafeteria and the table, where not only the guys, but Kimie and her crew of two loyal puppy barbies, had taken a seat as well.

"So?" Ryan raised an eyebrow at his best friend, as he took his previous seat. He was deep in thoughts. Almost too deep to even catch the meaning of Ryan's word.

"She claimed it to be herself." A frustrated groan left Justin's lips as he pulled his hands through his hair, messing it even further up.

"Who are you talking about?" The high pitched voice, belonging to no other than Kimie herself, squealed as she caught sight of her man. Or at least, she claimed him to be. 

In all honesty there was nothing more than a couple of casual fucks going on between Justin and Kimie. Even though the chick was convinced that Justin loved her and would be nothing but loyal to her. I guess, that when you tell a lie often enough, you just start to believe it.

"No one." Justin snapped at her, clearly not in the mood for any of her bullshit. Even though his tune of voice made a little scratch in her confident, Kimie played it off by racking down on one of her barbie dolls' scarf, that _apparently _didn't match her shoes.

"What happened?" Chaz and Ryan moved closer to a very frustrated Justin. They all made sure to keep their voices at a low point.

Justin was so deep in thoughts. About everything, but mostly her. Something about that Alex-girl's eyes had seen so familiar, though it wasn't until he found himself caught up in their gaze in the hallway, that he realized it.

"I told her I didn't believe her and she walked off," Justin trailed off, though Ryan, being his best mate through years, was quick to sense that there was a little more to the situation than what Justin had added. "after she turned around and blew me a kiss." Justin kept his gaze looked at his hands, which were know intertwined on top of the table.

"Wait, did you tell her to run off?" Ryan and Chaz observed Justin, trying to read the answer out of his body language, though it wasn't until Justin shoke his head in denial that they got their answer.

"Damn." Justin knew what they mend. No girl had ever walked away or turned him down - ever. He always had to pry them off or tell them to fuck off and leave him alone. He was always the one to get the last say in everything. Always the one to leave them wanting more. Apparently this Alex-girl had decided to turn the game on him.

"Dude," Ryan suddenly spoke after a minute of silent. Both Justin and Chaz turned their attention towards him, urging him to go on. "You sure it wasn't her? I mean, for all we know the only girl who's ever walked away from you before was -" Ryan was just about to finish his sentence when Chaz caught up on his thoughts and interrupted him as rudely as could be.

"Your mystery girl!" Ryan send Chaz the drop-dead look, though Chaz being Chaz, he just brushed it off. "And for all we know, she suits the description." 

Justin's eyes flickered from his two best friends. Were they really right? Damn. If so, he had just turned down the opportunity of getting closer with his mystery girl.


"So what's up with him anyway?" Alex and Jazzy had once again found them self on the topic of Justin. Even though Jazzy didn't exactly enjoy her newly found friend's burning bright interest in her brother, though she couldn't help but feel beyond satisfied knowing that the only way Alex would never want to know him, was the way that every other girl dreamed of.

"He's a player," Jazzy had not mentioned the little fact about Justin being her brother and she wasn't planning on doing soon. Only God knew how many girls had seen her way in a desperate try to get closer to Justin. For now, she was just enjoying the happiness of having a real friendship for once. "you know; breaks girls' hearts with no care in the world at all." 

Alex did not, nor would she ever, find this kind of information about the guy who had practically called her a liar while she was trying to help him, surprising at all. In fact, she had known the minute she laid her eyes on him at the masquerade. 

"Well I better get going, see you tomorrow?" Even though it came out as a question, Jazzy didn't even care to wait for Alex's reply before she turned a corner and was out of sight.

A sigh left Alex's lips as she found her locker and dialed in the code. She was tired of everything, being trapped in Stratford, knowing basically no one and feeling homesick was definitely not a good combination for Alex. At least she had Jazzy to ease the pain a bit. That was the one thing she wasn't tired of. For the first time since Sophomore year, she actually had a real friend. Someone to lean on and put trust within - okay, maybe not all that yet, but it would come at one point.

Actually the main part of Alex hating Stratford so much was the total lack of drama. She used to be in the center of it all, the big apple. Now? - not so much.

"Well hello there." A groan left her slightly dry lips as she realized who the intruder to her private little bubble of her own world was. 

"What do you want, Justin?" He was leaning against the locker beside hers, his arms crossed against his chest and a knowing smirk painted on his lips.

"So I was thinking -" Justin started as he began to trail after Alex, who was starting to make her way towards the entrance doors.

"Wow, really? What an accomplishment." She faked a gasp, as she turned a corner and the double doors came into her view.

"As said," Justin started off again, ignoring her remark. "I was thinking and maybe you're right." 

Alex stopped without a single warning, making Justin bump into her backside before she turned around. "That I was right? Right about being me? Wow, you're almost Sherlock." 

Justin was actually finding it slightly amusing, this little game of remarks that she had running against him. No one ever behaved like that with him before - no one besides, his mysterious girl. This had to be her. This Alex. This New Yorker. This newbie. It just had to be her. He found her - well actually, she found him. His little escaper. 

"Look, I just wanted to say sorry - for acting that way earlier." Justin shrugged his shoulders as if the apology was nothing and that was exactly what Alex believed it to be - nothing.

"Now that you found me," She made a hand gesture towards herself. "I guess you were looking for me for some reason, what so ever." 

A secretive smirk played at the ends of Justin's lips and within long, it was painted across his whole face. "Do I need a reason?" 

"You always have a reason." Alex took a step closer to him, looking his chocolate brown eyes with her golden ones. "I know what kind of person you are." 

"Oh, care to elaborate?" The smirk on his face only widened as the conversation went along. She was feisty and he loved it. His own little feisty escaper.

"I heard that you're a player." Alex crossed her arms against her chest, putting her cleavage on a show in the black V-neck of hers. In a short second Justin's eyes traveled from her gaze to the paleness of her skin. He took every little detail of it in, as if they were on show in a shop window and he was forbidden to buy the merchandise.

"Oh really?" When Justin's eyes had seen enough, they traveled back to her golden ones. "And what do you expect we do about that?" 

Justin's eyes went on another hike, though this time they didn't travel as south as before. He kept score of every little movement she made in those seconds she was pretending to think, though the only little movement that counted was the one his eyes were locked upon. Her bottom lip between her teeth. The sight drove him crazy and he couldn't help but let his tongue slight across his own lip. He was aching to be the one to bite into it and he cursed her for capturing him like that.

"I say we play a game." A smile, containing both secrets and promises ran across her lips and he finally found the strength to tear his gaze back to hers.

"You wanna get drunk?" He raised his eyebrow at her, which only caused a loud laugh to erupt from her oh so soft looking lips.

"Not exactly." She shoke her head, still affected by the laughter.

"What's the rules then?" The only games that Justin remembered of having played within the last three years all revolved a maximum of alcohol or a minimum of clothes.

"We sweet talk. We fight. We talk 24/7. We tell each other 'good morning' and 'goodnight' every day. We take walks together. We watch movies. We give each other nicknames. We talk on the phone all night long. We hold each other. We cuddle. We kiss. We hug." She looked at him with a raised eyebrow as if asking him if she accepted the challenge. 

"And?" Justin urged her to go on before he slid his tongue against his bottom lip again. He hated that she had challenged him with just a simple look. He had never been able to turn a challenge down.

"Whoever falls in love first, loses." Her eyebrow was still raised, knowing his type too well to even doubt the fact that he was going to be onboard with the challenge. 

"What about dates?" Justin raised his own eyebrow, matching her expression.

"If you must, but keep it to a minimum." Ahh, so he had found himself a mystery girl who hated dates. How unusual. "You in?" 

"Oh I am all in baby." He smirked at her before taking a step closer. He leaned down so his lips were right infront of her ear. "But I should warn you. As you said yourself, I'm a player baby." Justin pulled back with a confident smile evident on his face, though it soon vanished as Alex mirrored his actions and stepped on her toes to lean against his ear.

"Oh I know, baby._" _She purred into his ear, clearly pleased with whatever remark she had come up with to add. "But you should know; _am no player." She placed her left hand on his tshirt covered chest, as if leaning onto him for support.

"Then what are you?" Justin's voice didn't sound completely unaffected, though if anything his sky high confident was still audiable in it.

"I'm the rule maker baby." With that, she turned on her heels, for the third time that day, leaving Justin as stunned as they two others.

"Damned." He whispered as a smirk grew upon his lips before his tongue traced them. Oh he was going to get her. He was so going to get her, his own little escaper.



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