During the Tears In Heaven Masquerade at Stratford High School, the badboy and well known player, Justin Bieber, finds himself swaying underneath the ceiling of the gym with a mysterious girl.
"Remove your mask." His hoarse whisper commanded.
"That would be against the rules." She smirked at him.
"Well I'm a rule breaker baby." His smirk matched hers. "At least, tell me your name?"
"Why ruin the fun?" She asked as the song ended and she disappeared in the sea of masked students.


9. Amaze me

"Justin, where are we going?" She used her last breath to speak those words. She was running behind Justin in a desperate try to keep up with him.

"Shh, just a little bit longer." His smirk was evident in his voice as he continued in high speed, making it almost impossible for her to keep up. 

"If I walk any longer my legs are going to fall off." She mumbled, not really wanting him to hear it though the chuckle that left his lips made it clear that he had in fact heard her.

"Well I think you'll survive when you see this." 

"See what?" She snapped. She was not really in the mood for the playful tune in his voice.

"This." He suddenly stopped walking and if she hadn't been paying attention she would have walked straight into him.

"What? Sand?" She stared at the ground beneath them. Had she been walking three hours for sand, sand and more sand?

"No, look up." She lifted her gaze from the ground. Within a second she felt herself go breathless. She was stunned. Shocked. Amazed. 

"Oh my." She gasped as she let her eyes take in every single little detail.

They were standing at the beginning of a small deserted area of a beach. It was cut off from the public eye and the, always so crowded, rest of the beach. At the shore a huge rock, in the shape of a heart, was placed and whenever a huge wave hit the coast water would splash at it. It looked like the perfect place to sit and spend hours of hours on a sunny day. 

"You like it?" He asked while his eyes mirrored hers.

"Like it?" She asked, her gaze never leaving the rock. "I love it." She didn't even have to look at him to know that a huge grin was spread upon his face. Typical Justin.

"Come." He ordered before he took the final steps down to the shore and climbed on top of the rock. "Here, let me help." He offered her a hand to help her up and she kindly accepted it.

"I see that you've changed your methods." She smirked as soon as she was seated on the edge of the rock.

"My methods?" He raised an eyebrow at him. They were seated side by side on the edge of the rock, with their feet hanging over the sea and the waves splashing on their legs whenever they become big enough to reach the top.

"As to making me fall in love with you." A low raspy chuckled left his perfectly shaped lips. "So you admit it?" 

"That depends," his brown eyes grabbed hers and kept them in on lock for what seemed like an eternity. "Is it working?" His before so truthful and curious facial expression, broke into a huge grin.

"You wish." She send him a teasing smile. "What about my charm, is it working any magic on you?" 

She expected a direct and quick answer, though she was taken by surprise as silence took over their conversation. She turned her head and looked at him. Her expression was curious as she stared at his lip tucked in between his teeth and his longing glance out towards the ocean.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed as no answer followed.

"What?" He turned his head towards her again. A crocket smile was playing on his lips and his eyebrow was raised in a curious manner.

"It's totally working on you!" 

"What? NO!" He chuckled in a what appeared to be a desperate try to cast the idea away.

"It so is! You know what that means..." She gasped as she used her mouth to create an O shape. "I'm winning!" 

"No, no, NO! This is not happening and you are NOT winning." 

"Oh really?" He nodded as a reply. "Prove it."

"You want me to prove it?" He looked at her with that thoughtful expression once again. "Alright I'll prove it." 

Before she could react he had leaned in and his warm lips wrapped themselfs around hers. She was taken aback for a moment, but as there was no breaking the contact between them she slowly felt herself drifting into the feeling of his lips. As her lips cracked open a bit and her lips made its move to escape, he pulled apart as fast as he had connected the two.

"See, if I was falling for you, there would've been some sort of spark or firework," he started off as he dried his lips of on the upper side of his hand. "But there was nothing. Nothing!"

"Nothing?" A faint cough followed her question in a definite try to escape from the hurt trace in her voice.

"Nothing at all." He sighed. "Like kissing a dead fish. Nothing." 

An uncomfortable silence fell over the couple as they both stared out into the horisont.

His words and term "kissing a dead fish" kept ringing in her head, like a soundtrack only made for the purpose of destroying the last piece of confidence she held within her empty shell.

He was playing the situation in his head like a never ending movie. His lips pressed against her soft ones - how could he ever fall asleep that night with the thought of those lips in his head?

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