All at once

a poem about love,friendship and life

,inspired by a quote by john green"i fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly then all at once"


1. all at once

Your shiny eyes emit a dazzling light

That makes the sun look less bright

And when you are in sight

You make all men fight

And fighting with a friend over a girl

Is like choosing a diamond over a pearl

Unlike lovers friends don’t shine in the dark

But they do at least give a true natural spark

nothing in life is a sure thing

we just have to wait for whatever it brings


But i couldn’t resist falling for you

and I know you didn’t hesitate in falling for me too

I fell in love the way you fall asleep

Slowly then all at once

Your love touched my heart so deep

And with one kiss I fell into a trance


But I know that at some point everything would cease to exist

No matter how long it used to persist

Nothing would stay, nothing would last

Everything is passing by, so fast

Even a fading memory from the past

Would leave us one day and go to a place

Where the lost things go , without trace


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