White Horse

A idea that was given to me by Taylor Swift's White Horse. A simple poem, nothing fancy.


1. White Horse

You said I'd always be yours,
And you'd always be mine.
But you just shut the doors,
Cut off the line.


So don't come back crying,
It's your own fault.
Now you're here dying,
Was I supposed to put everything on halt?


I would have given you everything,
I would have given you my heart.
But you're just running a ring,
Trying to tear me apart.


I cannot understand why,
You wanted to do this to me?
Do you enjoy watching me cry?
Or watching me die at some degree?


Something changed in you,
But I cannot work it out.
Do you even have a clue?
Or do I need to shout?


Nothing seems to get through,
Or are you just ignoring?
Are you just looking for something new?
Have I gotten boring?


But now she's left you to die,
You suddenly want me back under your arm.
Am I supposed to cry?
Only you have brought yourself this harm.


So now I'm going to leave,
I deserve so much more.
I'm not going to grieve,
But there is a door.


 I can see it now,
I'm going down this course.
It's as if I should take a bow,
Here comes my real White Horse.


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