The life of a fresher

A diary account of life at university


1. washing up and crying in the shower; my first term


After finishing my first term of uni and going home for a great Christmas in beautiful Yorkshire, returning to the South made me cry a little inside- also outside, breaking down in the shower is a common coping mechanism for me these days. Apart from the work and tedious early walks to lectures, washing up and cooking has taken it's toll. The craving for a home cooked meal has never been as strong. One common misconception I have learned is that first year is not as easy as everyone makes out, the amount of work given to 'ease you in' to the system makes me shiver at the thought of what is to come in my next two years. The nightlife is also expensive and relatively boring- is it just me or does everyone else's freshers just stick to one club on a night?? What happened to going to 2 or 3 places?! Does not make sense to me.
Anyway, so what to expect at uni... Living in halls with a bunch of strangers has got to be the weirdest experience. After a week you feel like you're in Big Brother. The most we do as a flat is sit in the kitchen for hours on end talking about all the stuff we should do together- but never do. The way you make friends at uni is very strange, you become basically best friends with these people after one night, because if you don't who are you going to be friends with? Saying that, I have made some good friends here, but you'll learn that they don't live up to your friends you made at home.

Life is good, but home is where the heart is.
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