How i met You -imagination

My story about how i met youu


4. How i met you 4

Okay so one day I was at the pickle factory doing my job. Putting lids on pickle jars and one day you walked in and said I need 10,000 jars of pickles stat. So we worked and worked and worked on getting you your pickles. And once we got them to you, you said "As much as I love pickles i am going to be a nice person and give them all to the orphanage." Little did you know that i lived at the orphanage and worked at the pickle factory. You gave all the pickles to us and then one day you came in with your boyfriend Niall and said you want to adopt a child. You ended up adopting me (even though I was 18). Once you got me home you and I had a girls night and ended up becoming bffs.

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