How i met You -imagination

My story about how i met youu


3. How i met you 3

Well if I remember correctly, it was about nine and a half moons ago (Austin Moon's ;) I was working a late shift at the San Francisco cat petting zoo when I started to hear something coming from underground. I got a bit suspicious and seeing as there were very few people there, a bit scared. I made my way down the secret tunnel and into the mining shafts when something pulled me to the ground. I instinctively punched whatever it was out of self defense. I then realized that what I had punched was just the shaft wall and I had tripped over a pebble just seconds before. Feeling like an idiot, I continued my journey into the depths of the mining shaft. I soon came across a lit tunnel which I decided to take. As I walked through the tunnel, I reached the end where I found a large group of people I had never seen before. My confusion grew as I approached a young girl close to my age and said "What the bananas?!" she replied in a singing voice "Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeys like bananas.... they alsooooooooo like human souuuuuls." Shortly after, we became best friends. The end.

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